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El Kickstarter de Mars Attacks de Mantic Games ha alcanzado un strech goal y anuncia dos nuevos. Los chicos de Mantic no pierden el tiempo. Los strech goals son a los $125,000 una mejora del tapete de juego, como ya hicieron con el Kicksarter de Deadzone, y con $140,000 se desbloquea la primera miniatura exclusiva del Kickstarter Don Manning. Llevan un muy buen ritmo y seguramente en breve volveran a desblouqear algun que otro strech goal. Estate atento Wargamer.

Whoa – this is just crazy!

The speed of this juggernaut is simply insane. We’re working hard on getting the front page updated with all the cool new extras and freebies, as well as Core Add-ons.

Mars Attacks - Martian Grunt (Mantic Games)

Thanks for your patience whilst we deal with the fallout!


If you’re part of the Twitterati, you can help us spread the word by using the Hashtag #marsttackskickstarter. Add a message saying why the Kickstarter is cool, and at the end of the campaign we’ll pick a name at random who has used the hashtag to win something cool.

Let’s see if we can get this baby trending!

Right then, up next – it’s time for 2 stretch goals!

$125,000 – Deluxe Gaming Mat

This one will be no stranger to anyone who’s seen our Deluxe Gaming Mats for DreadBall and Deadzone.

If we hit $125,000 – what a landmark! – we will create the Mars Attacks Deluxe Gaming Mat - a special hard-wearing, non-slip rubber-backed mat. These mats really are a joy to play on, and they add a real touch of class to your games!
Mars Attacks - Gaming Mat (Mantic Games)

If we hit this stretch goal, the Deluxe Mat will be introduced as a Core Add-on for your pledges.

But, hold your horses – there’s more!

$140,000 - Don Manning, Kickstarter Exclusive

Don Manning has been an entrepreneur ever since he realised he could sell cootie catchers in the schoolyard. He’s made a name for himself in aeronautics, online services, innovative technologies and, in recent years, even energy drinks. His many forays into technological developments have earned him the nickname “The Face of the Future”, and he plays up to this wherever he can. When the Martians invaded he was midway through a demonstration of his latest project, the Supa-Go Energy Plus Jetpack – a skilful blend of cutting-edge technology and high-end corporate sponsorship. A long-time member of a secret society with strong ties to the Novas Vira, Manning had supported the group financially for years, and decided that if they were taking the fight back to the Martians it was only right that he should join them on the front lines.

If we hit $140,000, we will produce Don Manning – a Kickstarter Exclusive Miniature. Not only that, but we will produce a special mission for Don (you also get one for Ashley by the way!!)
Mars Attacks - Don Manning (Mantic Games) Kickstarter Exclusive

There is however, only one way to get Don.

We have bundled together the Deluxe Gaming Mat and the Exclusive Topps Trading Cards into a deal called Core Expansion 1, at the special discounted price of $25!

If you pick Core Expansion 1 (in the survey after the project has finished) with the free credit included as part of The Will of Man ($100 and Early Birds) and up, we’ll include Don Manning with your pledge, for free.

We will be doing more Core Expansion bundles to help you pick what to do with your credit, as well as get you more bang for your buck and maximum fun during the Kickstarter - look out for more coming soon!

Right then, let’s see if we can get these two nailed down.

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