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El Kickstarter de Mars Atacks alcanza dos strech goals casi de seguido. Con los $140,000 que necesitaban se ha añadido la posibilidad de mejorar el Gaming Mat al Deluxe Gaming Mat y de añadir el personaje exlcusivo Don Manning a los pledge levels. En el siguiente strech goal de $150,000 añaden el Comandante de la unidad de Martian Grunts en todas las cajas que haiga una unidad de Martian Grunts.
Tambien mencionan la posibilidad de añadir un sargento a los US Soldiers, y armas pesada a ambos equipos en los proximos strech goals, y para terminar como quien no lo quiere dejan caer la idea de insectos gigantes. El juego esta creciendo a pasos agigantados, ¿no crees wargamer?

And that’s that – it’s done!

Both the Deluxe Gaming Mat and Don Manning - a Kickstarter Exclusive that would normally be on sale for $8 - are funded and in.
Mars Attacks - Dom Manning (Mantic Games)

You can now:

- Add the Deluxe Gaming Mat onto your pledge for $20.

- Spend $20 of your Credit on the Deluxe Gaming Mat and get it at no extra cost.

- Pick Core Expansion 1: a special bundle $25 that includes the Gaming Mat, exclusive Topps Trading Cards and the Kickstarter Exclusive Don Manning figure; a bundle worth over $40!

It also means we’re onto the next stretch goal!

$150,000 – FREE Martian Grunts Unit Commander

Unit Commander Grax hunkered behind the wreckage of a land-vehicle, clutching his rifle tightly. This was his first mission since he was promoted - what a great honour it had been - and he was keen to show his superiors that they had made the right choice. He pointed towards the blasted ruin where a group of humans were hiding, and barked an order at one of his underlings. The trooper sprang up from cover, not pausing to question the order, and sprinted forward – only to be cut down by primitive gunfire. Grax smiled. Now he knew that the humans were armed. Knowledge was power, and he intended to become very powerful indeed…
Mars Attack - Martian Unit Commander (Mantic Games)

Every squad needs a leader (well, it’s cool to have one!) so we’ll include 1 Martian Unit Commander with every set of Martian Grunts if we hit this goal.

This isn’t just an upgrade, it’s an extra model taking the set from 8 to 9 figures. If we get far enough, we’d like to add a Sergeant to the US Soldiers and heavy weapons to both squads.

Also, doesn't Mars Attacks have giant bugs in it?

Mars Attacks (Mantic Games)

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