viernes, octubre 04, 2013


Con el strech goal de los $100,000 Ahley sera incluida en todas las cajas básicas y en los pledges de $100 o más. Ahora el nuevo strech goal para el Kickstarter de Mars Attacks de Mantic Games será de $115,000 y con ellos se harán posturas diferentes para cada uno de los Martian Grunt que incluyen la caja básica.

También aprovechan para avisar que en los siguientes strech goals veremos una mezcla de add-ons, actualizaicones de miniaturas existentes y nuevas cosas interesantes.

Wow - $100,000!

Our original funding goal was $50,000, and you guys have doubled it in a little over an hour. Simply amazing. Thank you so much!!

Of course, that’s blown away another Stretch Goal.

Up next:
$115,000 – Martian Grunts Upgrade

If it’s good enough for the humans, you’d better believe it’s good enough for the Martians! Just like we did for the U.S. Soldiers, if we hit $115,000 we’ll upgrade the Martian Grunts with four new poses, meaning that all eight in the set are uniquely posed. Again, this will affect both the Martian Grunts Add-On and any that you get as part of your pledge reward.

Here's a sample:
Mars Attacks - Martian Grunt (Mantic Games)

With our ongoing stretch goals, you’ll see a mixture of new Add-Ons, upgrades to existing miniatures and other cool things… hmm, I wonder what this could be?

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