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Los $90.000 del anterior strech goal no tardaron en ser alcanzados. Mantic Games nos presenta a Ashley una chica de 16 años que se ve arrastrada de lleno en esta invasión. Su miniatura estara disponible cuando se alcancen los $100.000 dolares en el Kickstarter de Mars Attacks en la caja básica para todos los pledges de $100 o más.

That’s our US Soldiers upgraded – wow! Thank you so much!

Up next, it’s time for more figures!
$100,000 – Ashley, FREE Character

Only daughter of an insurance broker father and a realtor mother, Ashley had a pretty privileged upbringing. She went to a good school, she was well-mannered and polite… she was planning her career before her sixteenth birthday. The invasion hit reached [her city] on the night of her senior prom, and all hell broke loose. She left her friends behind and tried to get home to her family, but by the time she got there her house was a smoking ruin. She didn’t allow herself to grieve. Falling in with a rag-tag group of survivors, her cool head and careful planning saved their skin on several occasions. She hasn’t forgotten about her family. Revenge is just something worth planning for.

Mars Attacks - Ashley (Mantic Games)

If we hit this stretch goal, we will add Ashley to the Mars Attacks Boxed Game and pledges of The Will of Man ($100 and Early Birds) and up!

Let's do this.

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