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Nueva meta conseguida en el Kickstarter de Mars Attacks, con $75.000 dolares estara disponible como add-ons las cartas y además en breve pondrán un nuevo pledge level a disposición de los collecionsitas de cartas. La siguiente meta será a los $90.000 con ello se conseguirá posturas diferentes para los 8 US Soldiers que incluye la caja.
Amazing work, guys!

That’s our first Stretch Goal blasted aside – this means that we have funded our set of four exclusive Topps Trading Cards.

Mars Attacks - Exclusive Collector Card

We will make them available:
- As a Core Add-on for $15
- As a new Pledge Level for Card Collectors (this will be up shortly)!

These will tie in with the new Mars Attacks: Invasion trading card series from Topps – an absolute must-have for collectors and Mars Attacks fans. So what’s next, you ask?

$90,000 – US Soldier Upgrade

Currently, we’ve got our US Soldiers in four different poses – that’s two of each pose. However, wouldn’t it be much cooler if each trooper was an individual, so you have eight unique models to bring to the gaming table? We definitely think so! That’s why...

If we hit $90,000, we will upgrade the US Soldiers to have 8 unique poses.

Here's a sample:

Mars Attacks - US Soldier (Mantic Games)
Let’s see if we can hit the second Stretch Goal as quickly as we hit the first one!

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