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Please Note: due to unlocked Stretch Goals:

  • OVERLORD now has 20 TYPE I picks (not 19)

  • BOSS MONSTER now has 42 TYPE I picks (not 40)

  • KINGMAKER now has 20 TYPE I picks (not 14)

  • QUEEN MO now has 85 TYPE I picks (not 70).

Need help determining what reward level is best for what you want?  Use Kenny's great site:

The Story

I grew up playing old school role-playing games in the 80's and 90's.  I read Tolkien and then found my way into the fantasy RGP worlds.  The experiences I had gaming shaped who I am today and I can't get seem to get the imagery of those early RPGs out of my head.  It's why I'm such a fan of Otherworld Miniatures (they do classic old school RPG minis). What I wanted to do was parody some of what I loved so much as a youth.  As such, this project was born and I hope you like it. 

The Miniatures

I wanted to start with six character types that were iconic in my mind.  While some of these character classes no longer exist in the RPG worlds.  In my early years they were very influential in my love for RPGs.  The Thief, Ranger, Barbarian, Cavalier, Magician and Acrobat are all here.  
These miniatures will be roughly 23-24mm to eyes and around 28-30mm to the top of their head once completed and will come with a round 20mm plastic base.  Further miniatures will continue to be added after the project hits its funding goals and each stretch reward. We'll have both monsters and player character types.  See the first completed sculpt below.  Minis will be supplied unpainted and we are currently planning to have them cast in Trollcast plastic.  


We've used the fantastic artwork to create two sets of seven custom six-sided dice (the image is on the 6 face).  You can get either set by adding $15 to your pledge.  You can also add just one of the dice for $3 or any 2 for $5 by adding that amount to your pledge.   If you just want the dice and not the miniatures, we have the Dice Fanatic backer option.  Click for larger image. Unicorn die (shown much farther below can be added on for $3 extra.

Stonework Bases

We have created special solid bases for our miniatures (or any other miniatures you want to put on them).   The bases are in 46mm and 22mm size and you can select a pack of either type in either slotted or non-slotted bases.
A pack of 9 22mm bases will be $5 with this KickStarter.  A pack of 4 46mm bases will be $5 as well with the KickStarter.   If you are add on as extras to your reward 4 packs of any style of bases, you can get a 5th pack of bases of any type for free.
Because of the material cost of the bases, if you use a bases pack as a TYPE I pick for any level other than ADVENTURER, you need to add $2 to change one TYPE I pick to stonework bases or $3 for every 2 TYPE I picks changed to be stonework bases.    Example:  if you wanted to convert 5 TYPE I picks into bases for your QUEEN MO reward, that would cost you an extra $8 ($3+$3+$2).
These bases should be available in our normal online store by end of November 2012 but the planned pricing at this time is 3 22mm bases for $2 and 1 46mm base for $1.50.   So while you'd need to wait to receive them if ordered as part of this KickStarter, you will get them at a decent discount for waiting especially if you do the buy 4 get 1 free.
Finally Chris and I have decided to include 1 free no slot 46mm stonework base with every TYPE II figure in each backer's reward.   The TYPE I figures will still be shipped with a standard plain black plastic 25mm slotted base.

Rewards and Determining Your Pledge Amount

Each miniature available in this KickStarter will be classified as either TYPE 1 or TYPE 2 to make adding to your order easy. TYPE 1 miniatures will be roughly the same size as the originals (23-24mm to the eye / 28-30mm total height) while TYPE 2 miniatures will be much larger monsters (the first 6 figures and Stretch Goal #1 DM are all TYPE 1 figures.  The first TYPE 2 is not available until Stretch Reward #2).
You can add as many TYPE 1 miniatures as you want to any reward for $5 each.  Add as many TYPE 2 miniatures as you want to your rewards for $8 each.  We have just three backer support levels to allow for maximum flexibility. For example, if you only want three TYPE 1 sculpts, simply back at the ADVENTURER level for $20 ($10 for the first mini, $5 for each of the two TYPE 1 add-ons). If you want all of the original six miniatures plus an extra TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 add-on (say from the 1st two Stretch Goals), you'd pledge $43 at the HERO level ($30 original 6, $5 TYPE 1 and $8 TYPE 2).


We've so far had 8 very generous backers who have paid to bring their own custom concepts to life as figurines.   Any of these 10 TYPE I figures can be added to any reward level for $5 each.  NOTE: One of each Summoner figures is included with the KINGMAKER and SUMMONER levels.  You may use one of your TYPE I picks with levels that have TYPE I picks (OVERLORD, BOSS MONSTER, KINGMAKER & QUEEN MO) to get a Summoner figure.    We have a Fire Mage merged with a Fire Elemental, Death Knight, Praying Cleric, Halfling Thief, Half-Orc, Female Anti-Hero, Warrior Red, Monk, Succubus and Fallen Angel.   Great concepts and we are happy to have them as part of our KickStarter.

First Summoner Sculpt Work in Process from Jason Wiebe!

Stretch Rewards

We hope to be able to continue adding new miniatures as stretch rewards very quickly.  After the first stretch reward we'll add a new miniature every time the total project increases by $2,500 up to 30 total sculpts (which was Stretch Goal #17).  Starting with Stretch Goal #18 we have to use more expensive methods to get them all made on time for our stated shipping goals so the goals will be every $5000 going forward.
For every 4 TYPE I add-ons you buy, you get one TYPE I of your choice for free.  For every 4 TYPE II add-ons you buy, you get one TYPE II of your choice for free.

Pumpkinhead will be TYPE I and come with optional worn-down top hat, raven and cloak.  He is currently locked.

TYPE II figure currently locked.

Two TYPE I figures currently locked.

If you prove to Chris that pigs can fly, we'll add in the Flying Pig who will come with optional aviator googles, avaitor leather cap, eagle wings and rocket jet pack!
If we reach this level we are serious in wonder and wow at this win.  So we will offer three new add-on W themed packs (these need to be added extra to your reward level to claim):
WOLF PACK:  5 Dire Wolf figurines for $15
WATCHERS PACK:  5 Gargoyle figurines for $15
WORSHIP PACK: 5 Cultists figurines for $15

TYPE II currently locked.

TYPE I currently locked.

The Djinn is a TYPE II (60mm) and is available as an $8 add to any reward level.

Make a wish if you dare or run for the hills if the previous wish was to kill the next Adventurer who walked into the room.

Tengu is TYPE I and is now available and can be added to your pledge level for $5.

Owlbear is TYPE II (60mm) and is now unlocked and can be added to your reward for $8.


Gnoll is TYPE I and is now available for a $5 add-on to any reward level.


6 swords from 6 different regions of the worlds and she knows how to fillet you skillfully with each.  TYPE II 60mm figurine is now avaliable to add to any reward for $8.

For Lorraine, because her art rocks.  You may add this miniature to any reward level as a TYPE I pick for $5.

The Hooked Beast is a terrifying sight for you adventurers.  Each hook can skewer the life out of character before you even have time to scream.  This will be a TYPE II 60mm figure and is available to add to any reward for $8.

She'll turn you to stone with just one cute little glance.  This Type I miniature is now available and can be added to any reward for $5.
IN ADDITION, to go with the queen of monsters we will added10 more TYPE I picks to the QUEEN MO reward level when this goal was reached.  Making it 80 total TYPE I picks.

Out of the swamp, forest or underground cavern, this massive beast can absorb your character, never to be seen again.  This Type II miniature is now available as an $8 add-on to any reward.

This dire wolf may be cute, but he has a wicked bite.  This Type I miniature is now available for a $5 add-on..

All those goblins need someone to kick them and keep them in line.  A 60mm Bugbear should fill the ticket.  A TYPE II add-on when we reach $40000.

A strong mustached Paladin joins this KickStarter at $37500 as a TYPE I figurine.  You can now add him to any reward for $5.

Cthulhu Fhtagn! In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. We're waking him up and bringing him to you! This 60mm Type II miniature is now available by adding $8 to any reward level. Combined with the figures from Stretch Goal #12, you can add some horror to your dungeon crawl. 

Two more TYPE I figures are unlocked with Stretch Goal #12 for $5 each to any reward level.  The first is the avatar of a powerful Old One...Yog Sothoth. Yog knows all and sees all. A tentacled beastie with many eyes sure to cause you to lose your sanity. The second is a devoted cultist of The Great Old One; capable of destroying your mind with ease.   


Need a ride?  One of my favorite creatures of all time will be unlocked with this stretch goal as a TYPE II.  You can now add this 60mm figure to any reward for $8.

For this stretch goal ... your questing hero gets an ally and 3 tougher monsters to battle.  You can add these 4 figures to any reward for $5 each.

For those wanting TYPE II how about a 3 way argument over the best marinade to use when they roast your characters.  Stretch Goal #9 is be TYPE II and every other Stretch Goal after that through #19 should be TYPE II as well.  Reminder note that TYPE II figures are normally between 55 to 60mm tall.

Because we hit this goal, we now are adding an extra 6 TYPE I figures of your choice to the KINGMAKER level (which will increase the total to 20 extra TYPE I).
Then we also have two monsters of the Halloween variety for you to slice, dice and bash (both TYPE I) that are now unlocked for you to add to your pledge for $5 each.

At $20000, we celebrate this milestone reached with a wizard of high magic.

These 3 figures are unlocked.  Three more TYPE I creatures/characters that can either be opponents or allies to your characters.  Add them on to any pledge level for $5 each.

We reached $15000 so that unlocks 3 monsters that you normally need to slay in small hordes.  The Goblin, Pig-faced Orc and Bullywog are all now available for $5 each as TYPE I figures.  Feel free to get as many as you need to create your army hordes and remember you get one of any TYPE I figure for free for every four TYPE I figures you add-on of any type.

At $12500, we've unlocked the shadowy henchman of the Demon Prince as a TYPE I Add-on figure you can get for $5.

We've unlocked the Evil Fighter!   A TYPE I figure you can add to your reward for $5.

The Demon Prince is a TYPE II figure and is now unlocked.  You can add him to your reward as an $8 Add-On.

The Diminutive Mage is a TYPE I figurine. You can add him to your reward for $5.

Time Line

If funded, Andrew (the sculptor, see below) is scheduled to complete the original six miniatures in November.  This means that we look to ship these in February.  We can add six more miniatures a month to his schedule. 

Pony Pack Add-on

The Pony Pack can be added to any reward level for $30 (and you can add-on more than one set if you want to any reward).   The set includes 3 Unicorns, 3 Ponys and 2 Pony Accessory Packs (each pack has your choice of any 3 accessories).    For those that just wanted the Unicorn D6, you can add that to any reward for $3. 
You can add additional Unicorn, Pony or Pony Accessory Packs to your reward for $5 for each additional one (or any 5 of them for $20).  You may use them as one of your free TYPE I figures for OVERLORD, WARRIOR, KINGMAKER. or QUEEN MO. However it does not count as a free TYPE I for CHAMPION level. We will include one free of each body and individual accessory with any backer with a KINGMAKER or  SUMMONER reward.

Questing Hero Add-on Package

There is a pledge level to just get the 35 figurines in the Questing Hero Add-on OR you can add this package on to any reward level for $125 increase in your pledge.  This add-on package contains the following figurines: 1 Barbarian, 1 Master Mage, 1 Dusk Elf Assassin, 1 Dwarf, 1 Demon Prince, 1 Lich, 4 Evil Fighters, 8 Orcs, 6 Goblins, 3 One Eyed Demons, 4 Skeletons, 2 Zombies and 2 Mummies.  (no substitutions).

Special Figurine Add-ons

The Rabbid:  Backer Glenn McClune provided us with a computer image file for a miniature that he uses as a monster in his dungeons just to see it reach mass production.   Thanks Glenn.   However this isn't in our plan of Stretch Goals so we need to treat it special.  You can add this figure to any reward for $5 (or as part of the buy 4 at $5 and get 1 free) or use it as one of your free TYPE I figures for OVERLORD, WARRIOR, KINGMAKER or QUEEN MO.  However it does not count as a free TYPE I for CHAMPION level.  We will include one free with any backer with a KINGMAKER or SUMMONER reward.

Dungeon Tiles Rewards

Need a dungeon for your adventurers to explore.   We have high quality cardstock dungeon tiles to use to set up your adventure.  19 room tiles and 20 tiles to add pits, trap doors and treasure chests.   The squares on the tiles are 29mm square.  You can get the tiles if that is all you are not looking for Chibi minis from the DUNGEONS or MINE! ALL MINE! levels (or you can add-on minis to those levels as well).
NOTE:  the Treasure Chests come as UNPAINTED pewter.  The painted images below are just to show what they could look like painted.
We had people ask for just the Treasure Chests.  You can get a pack of 6 Treasure Chests for a $40 Add-On to any pledge level.   If you just want to add the Dungeon Tiles to another reward level, they are a $35 add-on.   Want to add-on both the Dungeon Tiles and 6 Treasure Chests, you can add both to any level for $70.

T-Shirts - $20 Add-on per shirt

You asked for it ... we worked to provide it.   T-shirts with the main graphic with a choice between FEAR NOT or AND ACROBAT or CHIBI EVIL designs.   4 shirt types and several color and size options.   Any shirt from the list is a $20 Add-on to your pledge ... fell free to outfit the entire family!    click the image below of larger image view
Note:  We've used this T-shirt manufacturer for Impact City Roller Derby.  The color of the image is DEFINITELY altered if your shirt color is other than white.  We actually like the way our graphics for our roller derby game looked with a blue or yellow tint to the image but it was something we didn't know when we ordered the shirts so I want to make sure you are aware of this fact before you add-on a shirt or more.

The People Behind the Project

Impact! Miniatures has been in business for over 6 years and our miniatures range is over 250+ individual miniatures.  We've also successfuly brought to the Kickstarter community miniatures based projects such Impact City Roller Derby, Urban Achievers, Necronomicon: Cthulhu Mythos, The Apes of Wrath and The Scotlings.  You can count on Impact to complete this project.  You can find more about us here
Lorraine Schleter is the illustrator.  She is an avid gamer and incredibly talented artist.  She's done work for Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight and Rio Grande games. 
Andrew May is based in the UK and is the sculptor for the project.  We worked with Andrew on the Urban Achievers Kickstarter campaign and really appreciate his talents.  He has completed sculpts for Impact, Otherworld Miniatures, Fenris Games, and CP Models. You can see his work here

Impact! Miniatures is a believer in the Kicking It Forward movement and promises to use a portion of any profits from our KickStarter to fund other projects on KickStarter.

RISKS AND CHALLENGESLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

The biggest risks are that the sculptor fails to accurately convert the artwork into a representative sculpt in the allotted time. We're a miniatures company, so we have a network of artists and have chosen a sculptor that is excellent and we've worked with on many projects. He completed the test piece for the style and it was spot on and included it in the story for backers to consider. We've delivered on our other Kickstarter projects and we know we will deliver on this one!
We know we have two miniatures projects in process and they are both ahead of schedule. We also have the d14/d18 dice project and that continues to progress on schedule.

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