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El Kickstarter te Impact Miniatures ha finalizado y no lo podría haber hecho de mejor forma. Recaudando 105.099 $ y una participación de 757 personas. Como anegdota ya dijo uno de los miembros que alcanzarían cierta cifra cuando los cerdos volaran, de hecho lo consiguieron y los cerdos vuelan, la miniatura se añadió al Kickstarter, aun no hay imagen jeje. Aquí os dejo las ultimas actualizaciones e imágenes del mismo.


A few minor clean-up items left but wanted to show you the 99% complete Bugbear sculpt!

Turntable video:



We unlocked another figure! Thank you backers!

We are in the final 47 hours so if you have anyone you have not told yet about this KickStarter ... tell them now. The number of figures in some reward levels is now more than double when they were first added to the KickStarter so its the final hours for new backers to grab the figures at a great deal.

Up next at $75000, the TYPE II (60mm) Owlbear.




Good day backers.

Only 10 hours left! If you didn't tell everyone you know yet ... still time to tell them!

We've unlocked the TYPE I Tengu for everyone.

We are only $500 from unlocking the TYPE II Djinn! Which for many reward levels is another free mini in the mail to them!


6 hours left ... Djinn TYPE II is unlocked!

And as of right now we are only $650 from unlocking the TYPE I Sahuagin!

And in response to backers asking to see some more Work in Process on the sculpts ... here is the current WIP (ie NOT finished) of the Death Knight.

So the big question right now is ... can we get to the Flying Pig? We are getting real close and also at $100k ... we unlock the 3 W packs which will give you either 5 Cultists, 5 Dire Wolves or 5 Gargoyles for only $15 as an add-on.

Today has been wild and I really look forward to the next 6 hours ... hope you enjoy the ride as well!


We are in the closing moments of the KickStarter ... but we are very close to the $100k level which will unlock the W packs and the Flying Pig gift along with the TYPE I Gargoyle.

The W packs are packs of 5 figures that you can add-on for only $15. You can get your choice of 5 Wolves, Worshippers (Cultists) or Watchers (Gargoyles).

In addition, we we hit this Stretch Goal since Chris said Pigs would fly when that happened ... we'll create a special Flying Pig miniature to add to the KickStarter (still working with Chris of how it will work exactly ... you all caught him off-guard here ... which is a good thing).

2 hours ... $2000 ... I know our awesome backers can do! Especially if you really wanted a W pack ... add that $15 into your pledge reward now and we'll get to $100k in no time at all and you'll force the W packs to happen.

Here are all the images of the Flesh Golem, Sahuagin and Gargoyle.


Chimera was unlocked with 1 second left ... very fun to watch!

We finished at $105099. What an incredible ride .. thank you all so much to all our backers who helped us receive this.

Tomorrow we immediately start getting figures sculpted so we have delivery next year.

We'll keep you updated as we get new pictures of the sculpts!

Thank you all again. Chris and I are amazed and happy and ready to get to work bring all these figures to life!

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