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Warlord Games ya tiene disponible de nuevo el Ruined Hamlet unos edificios derruidos muy chulos para los campos de batalla. Sirven tanto para las batallas napoleónicas como las de la segunda guerra mundial

Following a short while out of stock (it’s been a bit popular!), our great value plastic Ruined Hamlet boxed set is once again available to buy.

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This boxed set is based on a ruined farmhouse is extremely versatile in that it can be built in several ways and is also ideal for use in many periods – from Napoleonics to WWII.

This assembled and painted example is just one of the ways you can put this model together. As a truly modular kit there are literally stacks of options for building this farmhouse and as you get 3 farmhouses in the Ruined Hamlet boxed set you’ll have even more scope for assembling your models.

The building has been designed with Normandy farmhouses as inspiration yet the model is easily usable in other periods and theatres. It can easily be used as a burnt out house during your Napoleonic games as well as games set during WWI, to name but a few. The kits thick plastic walls gives it a realistic look as well as making it a strong terrain piece unlikely to be damaged easily.

Of course, being plastic it is easy to convert this building!

The Ruined Hamlet boxed set contains three plastic modular ruined farmhouses. Get yours in our webstore right now!

As you can see from the image above there are loads of pieces and stacks of opportunity to building something unique from just one farmhouse let alone three!

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  1. Bufff, si salen bien de precio para Mordheim también dan el pego.


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