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No paran de salir nuevos Kickstarter sobre Wargames, Dominion of the Gods es un juego de bandas muy rápido que comienza con dos bandas los griegos y los vikingos. Nos presentan un juego rápido y sencillo con unos dados específicos para el juego. Ademas de algunos detalles muy interesantes, una moneda que te permite siempre empezar el primero en las partidas y ademas te garantiza un descuento del 10% por diez años en cualquier de los productos de esta gama.

Dominion of the Gods video demo.

Comfy Chair Games is proud to introduce its latest creation, Dominion of the Gods! The legends of mythology have been pitted against themselves for eternity… now they must unify and fight for worldly dominion. Who will reign supreme? The answer is up to you! Will you choose the side of the Norsemen leading giants of ice and hideous trolls into battle, or the Greek pantheon with such iconic figures as Medusa, the Minotaur and legendary figures such as Achilles? 

A painted picture of the Cyclops that comes in the Greek Quickstart box set.

Each quick start box will contain:

• 1 heroic scale God model on a 40 mm base

• 1 large monster model on a 50 mm base

• 2 mythological monsters on 40 mm bases

• 1 legendary hero on a 40 mm base

• 4 attack dice • 4 defense dice

• 1 power dice

• A copy of the quick start rules

• 6 stat cards for the models

If you do the math, this means that each model comes in at less than $11.00!

This is a Kickstarter exclusive price available only until the end of this campaign. Important notice: all models are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Models are made in metal or resin and metal. Painted models shown are for reference. These models paint up very easily, even for the beginner painter.

Comfy Chair Games has developed an easy-to-learn and intuitive dice system that will have you playing the game in minutes, without the need to continually reference a rulebook. A quick start battle typically lasts twenty minutes. The supplied stat cards make any necessary recordkeeping simple and easy. Comfy Chair Games currently has the quick start rules and box sets 70% complete for two mythological factions – the Norse and the Greek. In supporting this project, our hope is to not only release these two quick start box sets, but also to fund other quick start boxes in other mythos, such as the Celtic, Hindu or Lovecraft.

Artist rendering of the Formorian intended for the Celtic/Irish QuickStart box set.

In addition, while exciting play is immediately available with the box sets described above, it is our intention to also expand these sets with supporting models that will be released in the future in order to expand depth and complexity of play. Your response here, will guide us on interest in the developing of these new sets. Comfy Chair Games needs your help as we have exciting work to be done! Help us reach our goal – or even exceed it – and we can bring to life the exciting world of Dominion of the Gods! If you support us in reaching our goals, you can expect a delivery date before May 2013. Take a look our some of our concept art and completed models below!

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and War.

The brutal cyclops
The powerful Minotaur
The wicked Medusa
The indestructible Achilles

Thor God of Thunder
Jotun Drengr (ice giant warrior)
Jokul Frosti (spirit of the ice winds)
Brynhild the Valkyrie

Please be advised that we did not artificially short the boxes so that we could add extra stretch goals and make it “seem” like you’re getting more. We decided from the start that all sets would be five models and we are sticking to this vision.
The collectors addition Tiamat Coin!

My hope is that we will be adding more to this list. The final decision on that is yours.

$40,000 A second God for each force will be offered as a purchase option at the end of the Kickstarter campaign. These will be Ares for the Greeks and Loki for the Norse! These models will be offered for a Kickstarter special price of $7.00 a piece (well below the MSRP!)

$50,000 The Celtic quick start set will be produced and offered as a purchase option for you at the end of the Kickstarter campaign for the price of $55. This box will include: The war Goddess Macha, The Demon beast Caoránach, Fomori Warrior, The Ban Sidhe, The heroic Finn MacCool!

$65,000 If we should reach this goal, we will produce a quick start set based on H.P. Lovecraft's “the shadow Over Innsmouth.” This quick start set will be offered as a purchase option for you at the end of the Kickstarter campaign for the price of $55. This box set will be slightly different from the typical set. It will include Father Dagon (Large Base) 3 Different Deep ones (Medium Base) and Barnabas Marsh (Medium base)

$85,000 If we reach this stretch goal, we will produce a Hindu quick start set that will be offered as a purchase option for you at the end of the Kickstarter campaign for the price of $55.

Depending upon interest, more stretch goals may be added. Show me that you want it and I will take it under advisement. Once again, we at Comfy Chair Games are truly thankful for your support. We realize that we would not be able to make these games that we love so much if it was not for you. You have our eternal gratitude… every last one of you. Thank you!

RISKS AND CHALLENGESLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Creating a miniatures game can be a very daunting task. You must have the initial capital in order to start the project off. This is the money you use for artists, sculptors, writers, graphic designers, game designers, packaging, production costs and a metric ton of other small costs that eat away at your bottom line. If it was easy to get rich in the miniature games industry, everyone would be doing it. The truth is, there is only a decent handful of people doing this. I am sure everybody has different reasons for making games, the reason we at Comfy Chair Games continue making games is simple. There is no better feeling on earth then to watch a group of people playing a game we made, laughing and having a good time.

We are a small company trying to compete with the big dogs. This does not mean our ideas are not as good as theirs, it only means they have more money to spend on advertising!

We are not like some companies who use kickstarter as a pre-order tool. We are serious about this project. We are passionate about this project. This is our first kickstarter and we need your help getting this very fun and exciting game out on the market.

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