jueves, octubre 04, 2012


Minarion Miniatures ha publicado las imágenes de su primer vehículo terminado el Bilbao AFV.

The designing process of our first resin model is already finished --quite satisfactorily, as you can see by the renders below:

It's time now for mould making and some test shots, as well as some artwork, before this nice model is formally released. It not only enjoys a rotating turret, as you can see, but also its turret hatch can be opened. Model measures 54mm long and 20mm wide exactly --that is, a pure 1/100th scale!

Confidentially, I'm still a bit concerned about an eventual fragility of its machine gun. Such eventuality must be tested during our first mould shots. If such happens, I'm thinking about supplying it with a replacement metal machine gun.

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  1. Pues la verdad es que la idea de suministrar las piezas más frágiles en metal me parece fantástico.


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