miércoles, octubre 03, 2012


Warlord Games pone a disposición a manos de 4Ground nuevos elementos de escenografía de casas derrumbadas y prepintadas. Los edificios son modulares con lo facilita la jugabilidad en su interior  Unos edificios que se ven muy bien.

And now bomb-damaged versions of the buildings above! These incredible pre-painted ruins are perfect for creating a fantastic looking battlefield and at a great price! Take cover!

How great are these? Bloody great, that’s how much! These are bombed out versions of the 4ground houses we have also released this week. There is nothing to stop you mixing and matching both types on your tabletop or, for extra realism, swap your undamaged houses for ruined versions as the battle progresses…

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Like their undamaged cousins these buildings are pre-painted, come flat-packed with clear assembly instructions and more importantly allow yo to get playing fast!

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