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Todos pensabamos que el unico defecto inicial de fanticide eran sus pocas bandas...pues tomad otras 5!!!!!.las quiero todas!!!!

Tienen pensado crear un transfondo y reglas para alguna de estas bandas segun el voto de la verdad me flipan todas.Me decanto por las ranas.
En el blog de Alien Dungeon podeis votarlo.Quedan 14 dias...votas frogkind por favor jejeje.




Fanticide New Warband Poll!

We want you to participate!
With Fanticide off to the printer and the first four warbands all in production, it’s time to look forward already. We want to support the game with lots of free online content like the stats and back story for new units and warbands for example. These have to be conceptualized, designed, backgrounds developed and game balanced. We already have some on the way, but we want to do more.

We really want the Fanticide community to participate in the direction the game and Nowhere itself for that matter. Obviously until you have the rulebook in your hands and a few games under your belt, it’s hard to participate on anything but theme but we see no reason not to start anyway!
We are running a poll on our blog asking you to vote for the warbands listed below. 

Please note that these are going to change and evolve a bit and while we won’t and can’t incorporate everything, we will be listening.
Some we can get out faster, like the Warrior Frogs from Eureka or the Amazons from Shadowforge.  
To do those properly however we want to change the weapon mix and think about the final look and the way the warband plays in the game. That will require some resculpting and new troop types that don’t exist in Eureka’s current range. 

Playtesting the final list will also be of vital importance before it goes “official”. Perhaps we can find some volunteers among you?

Here are some descriptions that give you a clue as to each warband on the proposal list:
Mound Builders (Caldane)- These half man half insects are a terror everywhere in Nowhere. Very intelligent, very aggressive, and organized into a strict class driven society. They aren’t just bugs mind you- each is an individual, they are tool builders, and totally dedicated to only themselves. They may be lawyers that came through the Hole and transmutated…

Amazons- Well, frankly, it’s really about beautiful half naked girls. The good news is that Shadowforge makes a great range already and like the Eureka Warrior Frogs will need some redefinition and more troop choices.  The key to success here it to make the warband a meaningful addition tactically instead of just more pretty faces like the Creeps.  

Frogkin- Lots of people love Eureka’s Warrior Frogs (they are available from them right now- or ) This will also introduce the Lost Valley, a tropical area along the River Wither and full of all kinds of jungle and swamp related terrors.

Fungals- Fungi grow all over Nowhere, and this will be a warband of intelligent mushroom warriors and hideous monstrosities.  Killer mushrooms, terrifying toadstools, malevolent molds, and mutant nail fungus. You know, all those things found in a high school gym bag at the end of the year.

Little Girl Lost Mob- Ask this cute little girl why she ended up in Nowhere and she is bound to slice your head off with her knife. Or perhaps her maniacal pack of toys, undead rabbits, and even more bizarre monsters will kill you.  Beware of her huge hulking buddy Tweedle Deedum.  Two zombie giants in one he is…

So there is the first pass in a sense.  All a bit rough and tumble but now is your chance to start influencing where we go. Vote and by all means go to our forum to discuss!

7 comentarios:

  1. Muy chulos.
    Me molan las amazonas, veo un 2x1. Para Fanticide y para Mordheim...

  2. Me encantan las ranas y las amazonas :)

  3. Pues dificil elección pero las ranas y Little Girl Lost Mob me encantan.

  4. las ranas van ganando(bien) ojala las saquen todas.

    es que todas tienen su punto.una niña gigante comandando a juguetes uffff...jejeje

  5. Viendo que la gente quiere ver mas en fanticide, no estaria nada mal que gane la que gane, fueran haciendo poco a poco segun votación las bandas (primero la mas votada, luego la segunda mas votada; en esta linea).


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