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A falta de 25 días para que finalice el Kickstarter de DreadBall van pasando un nivel tras otro como si se tratase un paseo. En estas actualizaciones nos hablan tanto de los MVP, que son los jugadores más famoso de este deporte, las peanas hexagonales y el tablero. También nos hablan de algunas partidas  que han jugado en las oficinas de Mantic Games y de la web y página de Facebook.

Y por ultimo el diseño de lo que puede ser un nuevo equipo para DreadBall en esta ocasión un equipo de mujeres dando duro en el campo de Juego. Mantic Games ha pasado la palabra a la comunidad para que opine, el boceto esta muy chulo desde luego. Pronto sabremos en que termina todo esto.


The short, but violent history of DreadBall has given rise to some household names. Everyone’s heard of “Blind” Skaggar and Yurik “Painmaster “ Yurikson, and who could forget Grag the Unstoppable’s short, but incredibly bloody career (especially if you were watching that game in 3D)? Of course, the still unbroken strike total of Meek Sleekit from the Bay City Brigands is the target for every rookie striker in the training camps.

The eight MVPs listed in the DreadBall rulebook offer a taste of the famous and infamous among DreadBall’s elite. At least, among those still playing the game and willing to wear your team strip for a not-so-small consideration.

A selection of MVPs in DreadBall - The Futuristic Sports Game

MVPs are unique specialist characters of renown that you can add to your team to alter the way it plays. Adding Number 88 to a Forge Father team lends it some speed whilst adding an MVP like Slippery Joe to the Marauders will only increase the likelihood of actually making a Strike and putting some points on the board!

Each of the individual MVPs are now available to add-on to your pledge, alongside the very cool Acrylic and MDF hex-boards (photos of the latter coming very soon!). To top it off, we’ve now added John Doe to the Extras section!

John Doe will play for every team except the Marauders (no one knows why) and is now available to add-on to your bundle of goodies.

We’re getting asked if we’re going to make a team of John Doe type aliens and, whilst there aren’t any plans at the moment, we're hearing that there are a few of you looking to convert a few different player types using the model and proxying them using one of the four team rules in the DreadBall rulebook, which we're looking forwards to seeing. It's a great idea!

Have a great weekend and please keep spreading the word - let's get those bases!


The brand spanking new DreadBall website is full of cool new background and shiny colour photos of all of the great new models. One thing they all have in common is that they all feature models painted by the highly talented Golem Painting Studio - and they've agreed to paint an additional three Striker! with the brand new Team Colours Returns pledge level!

Amazingly we’ve now sold out of Team Colours and Team Colours Revisitedreward levels, meaning that six lucky pledgers will get the entire contents ofStriker painted by Golem. That’s everything in this graphic plus everything else still to come!

Team Colours isn’t the only way to get your models painted as Golem have also said they’ll paint the sets at Free Agent, Most Valuable Player and Man of the Match, including a knock-out Golden Demon level paint job on the unique MVP you have created - get them whilst they're hot!

Take a look at the DreadBall website for more pictures.


And we’re through - that’s clear plastic hex bases going to tooling! Thanks to everyone who has made this funding possible.

We really do appreciate all of your help so to say thank you we’ve doubled up and included two sprues of bases into Striker! instead of the one we promised initially. In addition, we’ve also now included one sprue in Keeper and Jack.

In addition, you can now add Hex Base packs to your pledge as we’ve now added individual sprues and a multi-buy option to our list of extras that already include paints, teams, individual MVPs and the awesome Hex-Board.

Right then, more figures ahoy!

$155,000 - Number 88

If we pass this goal we will create the Number 88 MVP – read more about him/her/it on the DreadBall Website!

He or she (nobody is quite sure) appeared from nowhere, disappears entirely between matches and never gives interviews. This, of course, only makes the fans want to know about Number 88 even more, and the speculation has reached conspiracy theory proportions about where he/ she comes from and what they actually are. Robots, aliens and vat-bred super soldiers all feature heavily among the tabloid sports channels. Nobody knows for sure.

Number 88 will play for any team so if you help us produce him, we will include him into Jack and Striker! (and don’t forget you’ll get multiples of the rewards in Cheerleader, Showboater and League Sponsor!)

Thanks again for your support - please keep spreading the word!


DreadBall has been playtested to breaking point and then reassembled again into the fast, easy to learn gaming system we've now got.

Hundreds of games have been played, not least at Mantic Towers where Jake Thornton and James M. Hewitt hosted a secret playtest event with some very prototype components (James spent the morning with a pair of scissors cutting out bits of paper). Over the next week or so we’ll have a video of just what the guys thought but we couldn’t resist showing you some pics of the event:

Neil Dixon - it's quick and addictive... very addictive. I want to beat it.

Ben Shaw - it allows you to play with Space Dwarfs, on a pitch which is neon, with balls that are neon and you get to beat the snot out of Orx as well - so it's amazing!

Chris Webb - you'll never get bored.... you'd jump straight back in because it's that addictive.

Matt Gilbert - the best thing is the flavour in the teams. Every game has been really close, it's been really good.

There’s more to be found on our Facebook page here!

Friday 7th September
Total Wargamer – 12 o’clock

Square Orange – 2 o’clock

Saturday 8th September
Antics Plymouth – 9 o’clock

Giants Lair - 6 o’clock

Sunday 9th September
Cut’n’thrust Bristol – 11:30

Firestorm Games – 2:00 o’clock

PS: We’ll have a gameplay video coming very soon as well!


We’ve been playing around with what the next stretch goal could be and when we got this concept from Roberto Cirillo earlier today, we thought what the heck – could it be a female Corporation team?

What do you think - should we post these gals up next?

As you can see from the alternate helmets and shoulder pads, this is still an early concept and we’re open to ideas on how to improve the design. We want to incorporate the suit from Wildcard in some way, probably taking off some of the armour. We're also really liking Helmet C.

Please drop us your comments below and let us know what you think!

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