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Más actualizaciones de Sentinel Games mientras se acerca a las 30,000£ necesarias para su Kickstarter de Total Extinction. En esta ocasión aprovechan la entrada para explicar las categorías ne las que se pueden clasificar sus unidades, y ponernos un ejemplo de una "Shock Company"

In Total Extinction all units belong to a category according their characteristics and role in combat.

Total Extinction: Unit Category (Sentinel Games)
Unit categories

- Infantry: a unit of soldiers on foot who form the bulk of almost all armies as their First Line. One unit consists of between 4 and 9 soldiers.

- Support: units responsible for helping First Line Units (Infantry and Tanks ) attain their goals. Includes artillery and engineer units.

- Tanks: a First Line Unit which consisst of vehicles or biotechnological beings with heavy armor and weapons. Normally it is composed of from one to three elements.

- Reconnaissance: light troops responsible for the exploration of the battlefield. They are also observers for supporting units. Each unit is composed of from one to six elements.

- Air unit: air units of any kind with a mixed role of reconnaissance and support. They are composed of from one to three units.

- Command: a unit in charge of leading of the rest of the Company or Battalion. This unit includes a Commander and sometimes one or two solders.

The unit categories are necessary to determine the organization of the companies at the beginning of the battle, choosing from different Orders of Battle available (listed in the Rulebook). As an example here is the Order of Battle for a "Shock Company":
Total Extinction: Shock Company (Sentinel Games)

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