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A la mñana siguiente despues de haber hablado Ronnie Renton con todo los Mantic Fans, sobre el Kickstarter de Mars Attacks, nos encontramos una nueva actualización. En esta ocasión nos muestran más imagenes de las naves y nos aclaran dos diferenicas muy importantes, entre Core Add-On y Pledge Booster. Uno se trata del material que ellos producen y tiene dispobible y se puede comprar con el credito adiciónal que recibe por participar en cierte pledge, mientras que el segundo al tratarse de material externo se tiene que aladir como un Add-On normal.

Esta aclaración viene a raiz de añadir unas cuantas copias de la novela grafica de Mars Attacks firmada por John Layman como Add-on al Kickstarter, ya que se trata de un Pledge Booster. No te lo pierdas wargamer.

Morning Invaders!

Did we all enjoy Ronnie’s live chat last night on our Facebook page? If you missed it you can see the remnants of the conversation across a couple of posts on our Facebook page here.

Awesome Sauce(r)

Well the Saucer is a sexy bit of kit isn’t it? We’ve got great plans for this – currently it comes with Heat Rays and a Martian Pilot, but we’d love to hear your suggestions for what else we could equip it with/who else could pilot it.


Ronnie’s suggestion is for Martians with scarves, just like old school pilots (which our studio manager Stewie doesn’t like... and which I can't imagine the Topps guys being happy about!) so we’d love to hear your suggestions!

The Martian Attack Saucer is a Core Add-on and now available for you to allocate your credit on, or raise your pledge to get.


To raise your pledge, click “Manage my Pledge” in the top right corner of the Mars Attacks Kickstarter page and input the total value of everything you want. For example, if you’re at The Will of Man ($100) and have allocated your credit but want 3 Saucers ($50) and the Attack from Space ($20) add-on, you would enter $170 as your total pledge! (Of course, why wouldn't you just upgrade to The Invaders Arrive?)

Note that you can also pledge for multiple pledge levels this way too, and we know a few of you have noticed that pledging $300 for two The Invaders Arrive is an amazing deal! And, if you’ve pledged for an Early Bird, you can pledge for additional Pledge Levels at the discounted Early Bird rate!

Pledge Boosters

The models from this Kickstarter are based on the iconic images from Heritage cards and the upcoming Invasion Cards, but also from the frankly brilliant IDW Comics.

The generous folks at IDW have given us a number of physical copies of the Graphic Novels, and superstar author and letterer John Layman has offered to sign them!

We’re making them available as Pledge Boosters – special add-ons that you can raise your pledge to get.


These are different from Core Add-ons (we can only offer things we make or get a special deal on, like the Exclusive Topps Cards and the amazing Deluxe Gaming Mat, as Core Add-ons) in that you can’t use your credit on them.

To add a Pledge Booster, click Manage My Pledge in the top right corner. On the next screen, enter the total value for everything you want. For example, if you’re at The Will of Man ($100) and you want the IDW “Attack from Space” Graphic Novel ($20), you add them together and enter $120 as your pledge.

Just to avoid confusion…

There are a few different terms flying around, so here’s a quick recap of how everything works!

Our Add-Ons are now divided into Core Add-Ons and Pledge Boosters. What's the difference? Simple! Core Add-Ons are items that are made by us here at Mantic - miniatures, terrain, copies of the Mars Attacks game, etc. Anything else (currently just the IDW graphic novel) is a Pledge Booster. Whenever we unlock a new Add-On, we’ll make it clear which one of these two it is. The difference to you - the backer - is simple. If you've backed at The Will of Man level or above, you have a certain amount of add-on credit. You can spend this on Core Add-Ons, but you can't spend it on Pledge Boosters. Easy!

And finally...

We're just 20 backers away from Burning Cattle - please spread the word and tell your friends!

Thanks, and let us know your suggestions for Saucer Weapons and Pilots in the comments.

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