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Mars Attacks a falta de $1,500 para alcanzar la meta de los $230,000 que necesitan para el proximo strech goal, Mantic Games unas nuevas formas de desbloquear contendio para el Kickstarter, no solo se van a desbloquear streachgoals por medio de los ingresos conseguido sino que también a traves de la cantidad Backers que haya. En esta ocasión son cartas de acción para el juego con efectos, asi que a partir de los 1750 backers y cada 500 backers sucesivos habrá nuevo contenido.

Además han publicado una imagen donde podreis ver los distintos streachgoals, y encontrareis algun que otro detalle curioso como una imágen de lo que parece un piloto marciano.

Greenville Army Base had been one of the first things to go. Field General Tor had recognised it as the greatest threat to his plans, so had ordered its immediate destruction as his forces had swarmed towards the town.

The General now sat amid the blackened wreckage and charred skeletons. His seat had once been one of the laughably primitive fighting vehicles, but the attentions of a heat ray had turned it into little more than a pile of fused metal. One of his Unit Commanders knelt before him, relaying a report from the fighting in the centre of town. It was not good news.

While the element of surprise had given his forces the immediate advantage, the humans were displaying remarkable resourcefulness. He despised them for it. Weakling creatures such as those that dominated Earth did not deserve such resolve. His only consolation was the knowledge that this was not a lone failure; it seemed that the entire invasion was suffering setbacks, even the forces of the high-and-mighty Zar. Of course, that meant that a single decisive victory would stand out as exemplary…

He just needed to find the source of the mysterious signal. He knew that there was more to this settlement than the initial reports had suggested, and if he was right – if the Novas Vira had a foothold in Greenville – then he would find them, and he would root them out. Then his superiors would see him as the true hero of the Martian Empire.

His forces were so far having no success in finding the signal’s point of origin, but perhaps he had taken the wrong approach. He raised a hand, interrupting the subordinate’s report. It was time for new orders.

“Summon Unit Commander Nyx. I require aerial reconnaissance…”

Greetings Earthlings! How are we all doing today? General Tor looks like he’s getting a little twitchy, doesn’t he, that call for air support looks a bit suspect…

We’ve been totally flabbergasted by the response to this Kickstarter – just look at how far we’ve come already!

Mars Attacks - Strech Goals (Mantic Games)

Hmm – looks like there are plenty of juicy stretch goals to come…

We’re rocking a great deal as well – $100 gets you a $75 Boxed Game, $50 of credit that you can spend on some discounted Core Add-ons, an extra Hero (with another soon to be added in), 5 extra Martians, a US Soldier NCO and a load of Urban Accessories. And we’re on day 5!

One of the big things about Mars Attacks is the story – about how the little guy perseveres against overwhelming odds and an enemy vastly superior to our own militaries. Our story is not told through super-humans, it’s told through the likes of Ashley, Joe and Buddy, just everyday people caught up in the crazy and over-the-top action!

The Battle of Greenville is told through story-driven scenarios; special missions that take the miniatures you’ve got and pit them against each other. Buddy and Brandi's bank raid, Joe's work on hijacking Martian vehicles, General Tor's private war against the Novas Vira... all of these are featured in the scenarios included in the rulebook!

As well as this, the game’s card system introduces crazy wacky events like flying cars, giant bug attacks and…

Burning Cattle!

Our backer number is really important on this Kickstarter – it’s the thing that makes all the difference to the total. As well as being able to offer new rewards and goodies as we pass through stretch goals, we’re also want to say thank you to our backers for pledging.

So, here’s what we’re going to do!

When we get 1750 Backers, we will produce a set of Burning Cattle miniatures (a 3D upgrade to the cardboard counter in the box) that you can add to your pledge to use during your games! When the Barbecue on the Hoof card gets played, these models will stampede across the board, injuring – perhaps killing – anything in their path!

Every 500 backers after that, we’ll produce something new, wacky and cool – completely Mars Attacks – that you can use in your games.

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And finally...

No Mars Attacks Kickstarter Update is done until we have a little preview of what's coming up...


Hmm, wonder what this Martian is up to?

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