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Marrow Production hace hincapié la importante labor de los backer en un Kickstarter como Journey: Wrath of Demons, compartiendo y haciendo ruido sobre el mismo. La cuestión final es a mas gente llegue el Kickstarter, mas posibilidades hay que participe más gente y que las recompensas y metas sean cada vez mayores. En este caso estamos ante un juego que se vende solo y no necesita mucho más para convencer a aquel que lo ve.

As a small new games company, we need all the help we can get spreading the word. We are confident Journey stands up for itself, we just need gamers to look at it. Please take a few minutes to bump up our profile around the web. If any of you use these gaming sites, could you make a little noise occasionally, to support us?



You’ll need an account, but please become a Fan. This is a great place to post info, messages and ideas for other gamers to see. We’re already trying to get our updates copied into the BGG forums too. If we can keep that going it would be wonderful.

If we can get noticed over there, we’re sure it will draw a lot of people over here.

Awesome Gaming Projects (AGP)


You don’t need an account to recommend us, but there are a few fields to fill in. It takes 30 seconds if you have the KS page open for copy and pasting. If we can get on the top twenty list, that would be awesome! See what we did there?


DakkaDakka has a good thread going that has a lot of our updates copied already. Nice work, people!


Staying on the Hotlists at Kicktraq is not just due to having great backers like you. Listings come from the Kicktraq community, from things like the number of hits on the Journey Kicktraq page, so please visit it at


Or from Kicktraq links & charts on blogs or forums, click on the Mini-Chart tab or go to


to get copy and paste code for embedding mini-charts into your blogs, websites and forums. Embedding the charts significantly improves our Kicktraq rating.

Also from the nifty tools for Firefox or Chrome users at http://www.kicktraq.com/tools/ that allow you to see news and stats when you visit our Kickstarter page.


Don’t forget to share on Facebook, whether it be any of the sites mentioned above, others, or personal comments.


And last but not least, you’re more than welcome to use the images in Update #7 as Avatars all over the web, not just on our Kickstarter page.

We know this sounds like work, but if you can help us get more backers, that’s more stretch goals unlocked for you!

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