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Marrow Production lanzó Hace una hora el Kickstarter de Journey: Wrath of Demons y ahora mismo tiene 190 backers y ha conseguido $27,216 de los $55,000 que necesita para lanzar este juego. Con 37 dias para finalizar queda tiempo de sobra.

Nos encontramos ante un juego de mesa cooperativo con unas miniaturas realmente preciosas. La misión gira entorno un largo viaje para recuperar unas partes perdidas de las escrituras sagradas conocidos como sutras para vencer al "Demon King" que habita en la montaña de fuego.

La historia esta basada en el relato chino Journey: to the West y rescata algunos personajes. que quizás os suene como el Rey Mono, en el cual Akira Toriyama se basó para crear a su personaje y serie más reconocida, Dragon Ball.

Ahora rescatando esas antiguo relato nos encontramos ante un juego con unas mecánicas bastante curiosas y un diseño muy bueno. No te pierdas los videos del Kickstarter que se grabarán mañana, mientras tanto aqui tienes los enlaces necesarios y la portada integra del Kickstarter. No te lo pierdas Wargamer.

Journey: Wrath of Demons is a cooperative miniatures board game for 1-4 players. Is it your destiny to save the world?

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Four Pilgrims (Marrow Production)
In Journey: Wrath of Demons, four Pilgrims band together to search ancient China for the Sutras, sacred scriptures that will bring salvation to a world overrun with Demons. After fighting different Bull Demon minions, the climax of the game is the battle against the Bull Demon King. Game cards and custom dice combine for fast, tense action and critical choices enhance the Pilgrims’ skills during the game. All components have been crafted to the highest quality, bringing the beautiful game world to life. Resin versions of the miniatures will be of special interest to painters and collectors.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Game Setup (Marrow Production)
Journey is designed for 1 to 4 players, controlling the four Pilgrims, Tripitaka, Monkey, Monk Shaand Cho Hakkai. The game’s AI controls the Demons and other creatures. Diverse playing styles are possible, with a strong emphasis on cooperation because the players win or lose as a team. Each game will take 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the quest and the style you play.

The core game comes with ~10 quests, each with different goals and unique rules. Do you ruthlessly hack and slash, killing all Demons in the Pilgrims’ path? Or take a more virtuous path, cleansing the Demons’ souls, saving villagers and collecting good Karma. Your decisions affect the Pilgrims’ abilities, skills and equipment. Killing Demons may be quick but can you risk accumulating that Bad Karma? Side quests may enhance your Pilgrims’ skill and Karma, but with more Demons spawning, can you afford to spend that time?

Solo play is almost identical to multi-player games. Instead of multiple players controlling 1 or 2 pilgrims each, 1 player will control all four Pilgrims. There are no other changes to the game whatsoever!

Many games have science fiction or fantasy settings. But Chinese Mythology is a rich and beautiful environment that is under represented in games.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Monkey King VS Demon (Marrow Production)
This setting gives Journey a large pool of art, architecture, mythology, and drama to draw upon. The striking map tiles, tokens, cards and highly detailed miniatures capture the Pilgrims and their world perfectly. But the themes run much deeper - skills, weapons, harmful conditions, custom dice and the Karma game mechanic stay true to the environment, fully immersing the players in the game world.

This is only the start of the Pilgrims’ journey. We plan expansions for this boxed game, perhaps here in this Kickstarter, and later, full expansion games.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Art (Marrow Production)
Expansions for this campaign include new Map Tiles, Quests, Demons and even friends to help the Pilgrims on their way, if we can unlock stretch goals with your help! Some bonuses will be Kickstarter exclusives, as a special reward for backers that help make Journey happen.

Defeating the Bull Demon King is just one step in the journey for our brave Pilgrim band. We hope to release future games, telling more stories of the Monkey King, as the band travels to other Demon’s domains and even Heaven itself, to save the world.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Four Pilgrims (Marrow Production)

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Size and Monsters (Marrow Production)
Marrow Production is a new games development company, dedicated to making Journey the finest game possible. Our goal is to create the highest quality game components, including detailed miniatures, colorful game boards, and custom dice. We even sculpt and hand-cast our own resin miniatures to ensure they are the highest quality possible. The result is suitable for gamers, collectors and miniature painters.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Molds (Marrow Production)
Marrow Production cannot capture this vision alone and has gathered talented artists from around the world, such as Adrian Smith, who designed and illustrated the four Pilgrims perfectly. Our sculptor, Ray Wong has done an excellent job converting Adam’s unique artwork into stunning miniatures.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Monkey King (Marrow Production)
You have the option to complete this vision by painting the game miniatures or special hand-cast resin collector’s miniatures, that are available in some pledges. Resin can be a little brittle for game play, but collectors know it makes the most detailed miniatures available.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Monkey King (Marrow Production)
Note: Miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted. Boxed miniatures are plastic.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Box Content (Marrow Production)

  • Core Game Contents (partial list):
  • 33highly detailed miniatures included:
  • 4 different Pilgrims
  • 3 different Boss Demons
  • 1 huge Heavenly Creature
  • 25 Bull Demons in 4 different types and poses
  • 9 large full color game boards and other scenery tiles
  • 6 custom dice
  • Full color rules and scenario book
  • Over 100 cards

If we can exceed the base funding goal, we have great stretch goals planned, and we’ll be adding more items to the boxed game during this Kickstarter campaign!

You may be unfamiliar with stretch goals. If we raise more than the project goal, we will create an expanded version of Journey, in many cases, giving these upgrades to backers for free. New items are unlocked when the pledge total passes each stretch goal.

We have three types of stretch goals for Journey. The pledge descriptions on the right show which pledges receive which types of stretch goals. Smaller or fixed pledges may get no free upgrades, larger pledges may get every single one!

Boxed Game Upgrades: Many of the pledges include the Boxed Game Upgrade stretch goals, and each one that is unlocked will be added to your rewards for free!

Collectors Upgrades: Many of the pledges include both the Boxed Game Upgrade and Collectors Upgrade stretch goals for free. That’s right, both sets of upgrades, totally free!

Paid Add-Ons: The third type of stretch goals are for special items that are more expensive to produce. Once unlocked, we will create these optional items, but you will have to increase your pledge total to receive them. Some new items will be available as both free Upgrades and Add-Ons, so you can still get an item even if your pledge does not include it automatically. The FAQ below has more details on managing your pledge.

Backers at all pledge levels can increase their pledge to get the Add-Ons. If you want to pledge for Add-Ons at levels where the shipping is less than $30, please contact us. Depending on the Add-Ons, we may need to increase the shipping.

Stretch goals will unlock extra copies of plastic miniatures, new cards, new characters, 3D scenery and more! Some items will be Kickstarter exclusives, to thank our backers for their support.

This banners is a teaser of what’s to come. Full details will be given as we get closer to unlocking items.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - 60K Update (Marrow Production)
There are many different pledge levels to allow you to get exactly the rewards you want. Here are some levels we recommend to backers who are new to Kickstarter.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Follower Pledge (Marrow Production)

Follower. Like our art? Wear it around town on a cool T-shirt! You’ll get our undying thanks and all the Supporter rewards.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - The Resin Sage Pledge (Marrow Production)
The Resin Sage. A resin collector’s version of the Monkey King miniature plus an exclusive booklet. This pledge is limited to the first 100 backers that choose it.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Single Journey Pledge (Marrow Production)
Single Journey. At this level, you’ll get the full boxed game and two art cards. And, most important of all, our unending gratitude. If we can unlock any Boxed Game Upgrade stretch goals, they will be added automatically to this pledge level.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Premium Journey Pledge (Marrow Production)
Premium Journey. At this level, you’ll get everything from the Journey Boxed Game pledge plus you’ll also receive resin collector’s versions of the four Pilgrim miniatures.At this level, you will receive both the Boxed Game Upgrades and the Collectors Upgrades stretch goals. Yes, all free upgrades!

The Resin Master. You like our miniatures and simply want to lay your brush on them? This is a pledge for you! You will receive 12 resin collector’s miniatures and two art cards. That’s one of each unique miniature in Journey: Wrath of Demons! This is a pledge for a fixed number of miniatures and is not associated with stretch goal upgrades.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Deluxe Journey Pledge (Marrow Production)
Deluxe Journey. At this level, you’ll receive everything from the Journey Boxed Game pledge (the game and the art cards) plus 12 resin collector’s miniatures, one of each unique miniature in Journey: Wrath of Demons. This level includes both the Boxed Game Upgrades and the Collectors Upgrades stretch goals.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Sculpting (Marrow Production)
After a year of full time work, we have sculpts for most of the miniatures. Much of the art (maps, tiles and rulebook) has been approved. The game has been play tested, which will continue with a wider audience. However, many production tasks need to be completed, the following pie chart shows how your funding will be used.

By far the largest chunk is for materials and production. Creating the steel molds for casting plastic miniatures and bulk printing is very expensive. Marrow Production has passion but not the capital to fund these start up costs. This is a true Kickstarter project that cannot be completed without the help of our backers.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Founding Cake (Marrow Production)
Journey: Wrath of Demons - Painting (Marrow Production)
Hon Ho: A co-founder of Marrow Production, the creator and producer of Journey: Wrath of Demons. Hon has been fascinated by miniatures and tabletop games since childhood and has finally created his own game based on his favorite childhood story. As well as the game designer, he also handles the painting for all the miniatures shown here.

Journey: Wrath of Demons - Sculpting (Marrow Production
RAY WONG: With a strong background of art and sculpting experience, Ray has worked as a freelance artist for over 10 years, with companies such as Nintendo, Coca-Cola, Hottoys, Toei and Capcom. Ray is also co-founder of Marrow Production, and works as sculptor and art director of Journey: Wrath of Demons.

All images show game contents during development. Game components are subject to change. The Journey: Wrath of Demons boxed game will be supplied with unpainted plastic miniatures. Some assembly will be required. Resin miniatures are supplied unpainted. Resin Miniatures will need assembly and preparation before painting. Plain bases will be supplied.

Risks and challenges

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
Our biggest risks are:

• Unexpected production issues in China.

• Additional work related to the stretch goals.

• Timely release.

Unexpected problems affect us all, but we are well situated to closely monitor the production in China - we are based in Hong Kong. We speak the language and know the business culture well.

It is impossible to predict how many of our stretch goals will be funded. Work has started on some and we do not expect the early stretch goals to affect the delivery deadline. However, a large list of stretch goals will generate extra work that may take some extra time to complete.

We may choose short delays to avoid compromising our quality.

Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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