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Torn Armor esta en la recta final, quedan menos de 48 horas para que finalice. Ya consiguieron la primera los 50,000$ que necesitaban para sacar el proyecto y han desbloqueado dos metas más. A los 75.000$ sacaran nuevas miniaturas y cartas, además de que a cada 5,000$ desde la meta inicial han añadido algunas cosas al kickstarter.

Tiene muchos alicientes, hay formas de conseguir muchos bonos de 10$ siguiendo las andanzas de Alyssa Faden por internet, gastos de envío gratuitos, el clockworck dragon de Reaper Miniatures, y muchas más cosas.

Un gran final sería que alcanzaran lso 75.000$ y con ello desbloquearian entre otras cosas 17 miniaturas y tres unidades. No te lo pierdas Wargamer.


For the new backers of Torn Armor: Thank you, and welcome aboard. Your support is making Torn Armor possible and for that you have our gratitude. It is our intent to not only bring you a great game with continued future growth, but also to provide a wonderful gaming community. We hope that you will make yourself at home and introduce yourself!
Every day we play a quick game called the "Dice-Roll-a-Thon" and we select a random backer to get some extra add-on goodies (we always video it so you can see that everything is above board!)
Today's winner is ... *drumroll* ... Kevin Bates. 
Kevin, congratulations to you sir, we will be contacting you!
Pending Updates
We have lots of things in the works and are very excited to unveil a few new things over the next 24-48hrs.
  • Jason Wiebe and John Robertson are sculpting away and we will be posting new greens as quickly as they come in. Jason indicated that he might be working on a Mu here shortly and I don't know about you, but I am really curious to see what he comes up with!
  • The model for the Ballista is being worked on. The artwork for the Hwacha is in the works. Wondering what a Hwacha is? Take a look at the image below! Now image a team of vanaran manning it ... it's going to be a wonderful piece. Both the Ballista and Hwacha are UNLOCKED already and will be added to the kickstarter as soon as the second sketch is in our hands!
  • We have unlocked the Faction dice option (hit symbols are replaced with faction symbols). We will add these as add-ons on Sunday.
  • We are tracking nicely towards 60k here (and this is way before the end of kickstarter uptick, which is fantastic).  Don't forget that at 60k we will be unlocking variable poses for some units (different heads, weapon positions, legs etc) plus a special scenario and map for the clockwork dragon!

Every one have an absolutely fantastic Tabletop day!
~ Natalya & Jack


Can you believe that we're now only 3 days out from the end of this kickstarter? If you have been with us since near the beginning: THANK YOU. If you have just joined us, welcome aboard, it is wonderful to have your support!
Painted Miniatures
If you did not see them today, we added a couple of painted miniatures for your viewing pleasure:
And just look at this fellow:
We have about 100 clockwork dragons remaining and I am anticipating that they will all be gone before the end of the kickstarter, so don't forget to spread the word and encourage people to jump in before the end-rush.
New Add-ons
We have added several add-ons today:
  • Blackwater Mage (Mercenary, Mage, Evil)
  • Telza (Mercenary, Mage, Good)
  • Goblin Sky Pirate, Male (Mercenary)
  • Goblin Sky Pirate, Female (Mercenary)
  • Ballista & crew (Sisk, Siege Weapon)
  • Hwacha & crew (Maychia, Siege Weapon)
  • Faction dice (select your color and faction, hit side replaced with faction symbols)
Pledge Manager: updated
The pledge manager has been updated to include the new add-ons:
Daily Dice-Roll-a-Thon
Today's winner of the Dice-Roll-a-Thon (can you believe that we only have a few more of these to go? o.O) is ... TysoThePirate!
Congratulations to you! When we go through fulfillment you will get an extra $10 in add-on goodies!
Our plan for the next 3 days
We are anticipating that Monday/Tuesday will follow a similar funding pattern to Saturday/Sunday, and then Tuesday/Wednesday will be the end of kickstarter uptick. The Torn World team is scheduled to push this wave as high as we can get it, and our eyes are firmly set on that 75k mark. Any and all support that you can lend in this final push is incredibly appreciated!
Onwards and upwards!
~ Natalya & Jack


Can you believe that this is now into the final stretch? The 48hr mark is almost upon us and we at Torn World are very excited. For those new to Kickstarters: typically a kickstarter spikes at the beginning (early adopters, current supporters, etc), pledges fairly flat for the middle, and then spikes like crazy in the last 2 days. Because we're already nicely funded, we've pledged UP steadily every day, we're actually somewhat curious as to what our end of kickstarter spike is going to look like.
It's all hands on deck for these last two days!
Battleboards UK
Wondering what the "Royale-with-Cheese" looks like? It's this sexy goodness right here. We have been huge fans of Battleboard UK for a long time now and it is an honor to be able to help get their incredible terrain into the hands of gamers. Plus we *really* want a set for ourselves and might just have to save up our pennies to make this happen.
Naturally you get the game, miniatures, maps, stretch goals and everything else at this level, but we think that the 3d board really steals the show.
Tonight's Dice-Roll-a-Thon-of-Free-Miniature-Goodness
Tonight's winner is one of our new backers. In fact, I think he just joined us today from "sunny old England." James Casey, congratulations: you just won yourself an extra $10 in free add-ons.
The Stretch Goals
At 60k we are unlocking variable poses for some units. This will give you greater visual variety and allow you to set up different looking units for those extra unit cards we unlocked at 55k! PLUS we will add the special Clockwork dragon scenario and map!
At 65k we are unlocking 3d resin terrain. A sample of the rocks is below. It's not your common variety garden plant here, mister, oh no siree-bob. Look at how sexy these are. They will be available as add-ons.
At 75k we are going to unleash 17 more miniatures and 3 units on you:
The Battle for An Gearesdan
Talking about miniatures and units ... you do know that there are two more units automatically included in this kickstarter, right? :) The Battle for An Gearesdan is a little contest we have been running twice a week. Regardless of which faction wins, we are unlocking the following units: Kyala felis archers & Sisk Myrmidon. Each will be a unit of 5 miniatures and each will be slightly more veteran than the core units (i.e. more green dice and blue dice used in their attacks, broader skills available to them, etc). 
ONE of these units will be designated as the Kickstarter special ... which one depends on who wins controls of An Gearesdan Island. For that, read the next section.
These guys will be available as add-ons and free to "All Stretch Goals" backers. Seriously, that level is looking crazy right now =D
The FINAL Battle
Last week we issued you the challenge to Refer a Friend and have them call out which side they were fighting for. The Sisk took it in a narrowly fought contest. Good job guys! That leaves the island looking like the below image, and the faction that can win the last contest determines which special unit is the "kickstarter special."
The Tuesday / Wednesday Challenge: This is a nice an simple one ... something to ease us into the final 48hrs here:
Simply tell us below what your favorite film battle scene is. It could be a one-on-one duel, a mass-combat, or anything in between. Is it the opening scene from Gladiator, or the bloodbath in Kill Bill? Or any one as a bazillion other incredible battle scenes rendered on the big screen?
Do you even have a link on YouTube?
Share your favorite scene, why it's special to you, and don't forget to tell us the faction you are fighting for! One "entry" each. The faction with the most battle-scenes shared wins the island!
~ Natalya & Jack

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