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Quedan menos de 19 dais para que finalice el Kickstarter de Drake: the Dragon Wargame, es realmente increíble lo que están sacando para este juego.

Los últimos modelos 3d son una chulada y siguen mostrando más fotos de miniaturas de metal. El sacerdote que enseñaron hace una semana ahora lo muestran pintado y esta chulisimo  solo tenéis que echarle un vistazo para apreciar la calidad que van a tener las miniaturas de este juego. Drake aun tiene mucho que ofrecer así que no te lo pierdas Wargamer.


Greetings everyone!
Action Games Miniatures is proud to present our Kickstarter exclusive miniature. The brutal, the terrifying BASTILLE. This model is only available for this Kickstarter Campaign. Also we have streamlined our graphic list and presented a stretch goal summary explaining our achieved stretch goals easier on the main page. Nothing has changed with your pledges, we have simply made new and more efficient graphics to represent them.
Bastille - Un-aligned Joined One
Rish Dragons have a twisted sense of humor. Mocking their conquered peoples' religious beliefs, Rish have taken to calling their freakish Joined ones “The Blessed.” As if being boiled alive in Dragon blood and having your DNA smashed open is a good thing. These large creatures are difficult to make and can prove problematic to control if their human side begins to show dominance.
Bastille impressed his creators early on with intense savagery. A few years after his creation, however his violence became too much for even the Rish lords. Not wanting to destroy such a valuable servant his owners placed him in charge of a prison while they decided his fate. It is not known what brought on the slaughter, only that the daytime guards came to work in an abattoir. Not one living thing was left in that building. As for Bastille the endless carnage seemed to have brought out his last scraps of humanity. His eyes open to what he had done, he fled his home and masters. Now Bastille wanders Dara, selling his services to those who have the courage to look him in the eye. His awakened humanity keeps him from overt destruction, until he gets onto the battlefield and releases the darkness within.
Players of any force are allowed to field Bastille, he is a powerful solo warrior who can handle the toughest foes. Bastille is part of the ultimate collection. He is available as an upgrade for $20.
Our excellent Rivercrest swordsmen will be out tomorrow in all their glory.
Thanks guys! We love ya! ;-) We will have plenty more exciting news in each coming day!


Hello everybody,
Benji is too excited to write right now, so I thought I'd pop in and share a photo of our white metal Rivercrest Swordsmen.
These have turned out pretty darn good and we're really happy with them.  They feel great to the touch and they are lightweight and quite durable.
We understand how important it is to show that we can deliver what we promise and I hope that this picture gives everybody an example of the quality that our final models will have. 
As we mentioned previously, all our troops will be cast in white metal, just like the Rivercrest Swordsmen that you see here, while our Dragons will be cast in plasticized resin.  As our campaign progresses we are looking at ways to move some of the medium sized figures into the plasticized resin category as well.
We're working to get an example of a plasticized resin model out to you before the end of the campaign as well to show you the quality that those will have.
Finally, if you'd like to check out a quick photo of the Priests of Zerex, they have been placed near the top of our campaign page with some of the other pictures.
  • Image-231270-full


Greetings my fellow Dragons!
We have made it to $50K!!! AWESOME thank you all so very, very, very, very much!! Next up is our Hardcover Rulebook and to make this goal even more incredible I present a special companion piece: our book-loving, nation-destroying, army-building, sisters of mayhem... The Twins!
These beauties are included FREE with every $240+ pledge when our Hardcover Rulebook stretch goal is reached!
The Twins – Unaligned Infantry Heroes

The great library of Kass is as much a bastion of wisdom and knowledge as an architectural wonder. It stands in the center of the great eastern mountains, carved into a cliff face with such skill you would swear it grew there on its own. The Twins were abandoned there as children. It was the beginning of their charismatic climb to fame and fortune. They were charming and beautiful, but it was the wealth of knowledge and endless supply of the finest books they had access to that gave them their extreme skill. Protagonists, heroes, mercenaries, villains, they have done it all. Everything from arranging armies for warring forces to doing deadly target hits on their own.
While they keep their true names to themselves, to the people of Dara they are simply known as The Twins…
The story of these beautiful, intelligent, and mighty beings will be told in more detail in our Hardcover Rulebook! A fact they would certainly agree with. The written word is mightier than the sword!
(ps: they will be added to the campaign graphics and upgrades for $15 in the morning when the art department wakes. ALSO we will have these out to you in metal form asap, they will look incredible!)


Happy Friday Everyone!
I thought I would share some of our new models for the Un-aligned force, presentingGhast and Son!
Ghast is a member of the Huma tribal group of the eastern mountains. Much like the Grom and Cherek his people have undergone significant displacement as humanity continues to rise on the continent. No one is sure what terrible calamity befell his village, but Ghast has often mentioned he was "the last one left." He and his infant son came down from the mountains with nothing more then some scraps of clothing. It was a sympathetic smithy in an outlying town that offered Ghast food and lodging in exchange for his great strength. A relationship that years later would make Ghast one of the most sought after alchemists in the land. Poisons, oils, clouds of smoke and remarkable healing ointments are just the beginning of this hero's arsenal. If you can afford him, his battlefield resources can quite often supply victory!
Ghast is one of the members of our up coming Un-aligned force he is on a 40mm base and cast in white metal. As well he will be available for individual sale very soon.


I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am proud to present this update featuring art, pics and story. We have an incredible world behind our game and in between model releases I really enjoy talking about it. 
Below are some WIP sketches for our upcoming Rule Book done by the masterful Veli Nystrom. I simply cannot wait to see the finals...
Veli has an incredible portfolio you can check it out here. AGM is very happy to have him on our project!
Dragons. These creatures inspire fear in the mightiest men and the most dangerous predators. The first great awakening was a shock to every sentient being on the continent of Dara. Yet while most societies have merely survived the coming of these ancient overlords, some have actually prospered...
Dragons inspire fear and fear inspires loyalty. Most drakes were surgically precise in their application of conquest. However it was not the Dragons alone that crafted the new dynamic of the region. Their chosen peoples played a role as well.
Rivercrest. The cunning Rish dragons are incredibly capable, but they are not omnipotent. What could be considered their masterstroke in the dominance of the city state of Rivercrest was made totally by accident. As it turns out, Rish do not eat grain, yet the animals they feast on do. When their initial rules of law were announced they included complete secession of all crop tax on peasant farms. Commoners were used to paying as much as 60% of their yearly harvest to the crown. This announcement was met by cheering that could be heard for miles and a vast multitude of humans that day swore complete loyalty to the ancient race of the Rish.
The Kaymayuk nation. Highly religious and originally dedicated to priest kings, Kaymayuk people have an instinctual reverence for spiritual matters. Before the awakening, they crafted their worship after astrological signs and ancient manuscripts. The Saan easily adapted to the traditions of their chosen people and gave them lords of power in the flesh. The Saan are real, gigantic, awe-inspiring deities and represented an unquestionable physical manifestation of the Kaymayuk's faith. These people now possess what they always dreamed of having: real living gods who can bestow great blessings or terrible destruction.
The Tribes. Garrick dragons and their allies did not immediately work to impose their will on these mountain dwelling folk. The dragons wished for a familiar environment after the traumatic experience of the awakening. It was the drums and ceremonies of the tribal peoples that first struck the Garrick kin’s curiosity and lead to their involvement. Almost every tribal group has strange legends of an olden time, stories that they passed down through oral history and cliff face carvings. They speak of old legends about gods that flew through the sky. These are important parts of tribal culture, and caused many adolescent and glory seeking youths to throw themselves in supplication before the Garrick and their kin. However, many Elders, especially those from the Grom tribe, thought differently. They did not see gods, but they did see powerful beings that could help them defeat the hated humans and allow them to retake their ancestral homelands.
The world of Drake is vast, and its story is only beginning. As we launch it out into the world we want you all to know that the future is full of new races and peoples, incredible beasts, and dark enemies…
Thank you all!


Hello and happy Monday,
We've had a few requests for a shot that shows the scale comparison of one of our miniatures to one from a well-known franchise.
Here is a quick photo of a Rivercrest Swordsman next to a big burly orc from Warhammer 40K.  Note how our guy is "true-scale" meaning that human body proportions are rendered accurately. 
  • Image-234026-full


AGM is very happy to announce these new stretch goals for your gaming, modeling, and collecting pleasure!
$72K - Soo'lan the water Nymph.
Soo'lan is a creature of destructive beauty. She enchants and beguiles her victims, springing from the ground at the call of her Saan masters. Soo'lan is an Elemental Spirit, a form a chant creation given pseudo life from the energy of natures elements (there will be more of these!) She is beautiful by design, crafted to enchant her enemies before she poisons the water in their veins...
$99K - The High Priestess.
Kaymayuk priestesses are a powerful force in their nations culture. Educated, ambitious, and capable they are supremely loyal to the Saan race, who reward their service with chant magic enhancements. For every one hundred priestesses there is one that bonds with the chant more then the others. One whom the Saan can enhance and imbue with chant energy in relative ease. The exact reasons for this small percent of in tune individuals is not totally understood, but the effects are well known. Leading small groups of her fellow priestesses the enhanced High Priestess channels tremendous magic from her Saan master, heals the wounds of those around her, and is capable of explosive close combat attacks.
More details on these incredible pieces will follow shortly. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support, we are nothing without YOU!
(These goals will be added by the art department to our front page in the morning.)

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