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Nuevo Kickstarter que lleva poco tiempo online con unas miniaturas realmente impresionantes. Este juego nos ofrece la oportunidad de jugar un Wargame con un Dragon como cabeza visible de la banda. Los diseños 3D os van a dejar completamente impresionados y próximamente hablaremos en detalle sobre el en un Hangout.

Wage battle as powerful dragon leaders.  Command beastly minions and subjugated human warriors in Drake: The Dragon Wargame.  The game uses high-quality 28mm true scale miniature models and an original set of game rules.  It incorporates miniatures, tape measure and dice with game cards.  This is a fast-paced strategy game that rewards tactics, nerves of steel and quick responsive actions – especially on your opponent's turn!
A new world beckons.

Book I
Dragons from an ancient era have risen from a slumber that has lasted millions of years.  Their protective sleep saved them from a comet impact, yet when they awoke they saw a changed world.  Continental drift and a receding ice age carved out a large continent called Dara. 
Following The Great Awakening various dragon species spread out into different regions and subjugated local human inhabitants through violence, diplomacy, and trickery.  Now, as ancient feuds resurface and Dara erupts into war, the dragons and their allies battle for resources and dominance.
Read the Story of Drake on our website for more info.

Get in on the ground floor and help us launch our game!  Here are the various pledge levels that you can contribute at.

Choose any of the following upgrades to customize your Drake experience or add awesome models to your collection.  Simply add the amount you want to your existing Poster or higher pledge level and we will send you a survey after the Kickstarter has concluded to get the details of your order.
  • $10 - Choose one 40mm base model or three 30mm base models
  • $15 - Choose one 50mm base model
  • $25 - Choose one 50mm base model + one 40mm base model + three 30mm base models
  • $35 - Choose one mighty dragon 

Should we be so fortunate as to exceed our funding goal, we've come up with some exciting stretch goals for you.  The idea is to provide more depth and more ways to enjoy the core game play..

The Game Cards in Drake add a fresh take to miniature gaming.  These cards allow players to customize the spells and abilities of their models, adding a huge amount of variety to the game.  They are played live as the game progresses from a starting hand of 7.  Cards will be available in an open format, meaning players know exactly what is in each deck before they decide to get them.  The initial release of Drake comes with the “Universe Deck”, which consists of 60 game cards.  The cards are designed to support your tactical choices; you are going to win by thinking clearly and planning, not just by having powerful cards. 
Models come with their own Force Cards which hold the inborn abilities and stats of the dragon commanders and their minions; Enhancement Cards allow you to customize your forces with deadly stat boosts; Creation & Construction Cards give you the option to summon creatures and objects from other realms and Snap Cards let you counter various spells during another player's turn if you're willing to pay the price.
Have a look at our Rules section on our website for more info and download the Quick Starter Rules.

Our Dragons are cast from plasticized resin, infantry and beasts will be cast in white metal. As our campaign progresses some larger beasts and new surprises will be cast in plasticized resin as well.

With your pledges we'll be able to bring Drake to life.  Funds raised will be used to finalize our game designs, printing, casting, packaging, and shipping.
Warning: This product is not a toy.  It contains small parts that can seriously harm a child.  Not recommended for people under the age of 13.

Disclaimer: The term "Box Set" is a term used in the miniatures industry to denote a collection of miniatures that is sold as such.  The Box Set rewards may or may not be delivered in an actual box.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

This is a massive project, and we are prepared and dedicated to its completion. Our team members have a strong professional background and we are incredibly grateful to have industry pro casters producing our sculpts.
This is still going to to be an uphill battle. There are challenges a plenty in every aspect of this company, from production to playtesting.
Drake is a project that has been developed over years of review and refinement. We have created the best game experience possible and have both industry pros and a dedicated team ready to bring it to you!


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