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Uno de los Kickstarter de moda Wild West Exodus, donde Alessio Cavatore participa en el desarollo de las reglas del juego, sigue con su buen hacer hasta el final. Quedan aún 9 días para que termine este Kickstarter y ya llevan recaudados 205,461 $ de los 20,000 $ iniciales que requerían y con 726 participantes, una muy buena cifra.

Aquí os traemos un buen puñado de actualizaciones, entre las que hay bocetos, miniaturas, mecanicas de juego y más extras para los percks del Kickstarter. Aún estáis a tiempo para participar si os interesa, y la verdad que a cada nueva meta que llegan se vuelve más suculento el juego.

No te lo pierdas Wargamer.


As you all know Battle Foam is one of our partners and have put together two really cool bags.  These bags are designed with the same hard core durability that their line is known for.  
All the bags will come full stocked with custom foam designed to fit all the first wave models and beyond.  
Battle Foam has done a large bag for the gamer looking to travel with a full army and accessories.  These bags fit current Battle Foam size trays so it should be no issue to switch out your older foam with the new stuff. 
The Bandit is designed around the skirmish gamer and will allow for a nice sized faction along with all the extras needed to play the game.  
Both of these bags will be available via their website starting in the summer.  
Be the first WWX player to sport your colors in style.  
  • Image-215382-full


This little masterpiece was painted by our studio painter Tom Schadle.   We figured we should give you something cool to look at during the middle of your Friday work day. 
I know those F5 keys are burning out waiting on the Lawmen preview pic.  Keep in mind that Sky Spirit is included with each faction starter now and will look amazing for you on the battle field.  
Till later.  
  • Image-215443-full


So to hold everyone over and get you guys excited about what is coming here is another awesome building set from Micro Art Studios.
Look for this awesome piece of terrain to unlock very shortly as more backers join our ranks.  
Keep up the great work guys and spread the love.  More news on this terrain and others as this goal falls.  
  • Image-215550-full


So with everyone's help we hope to unlock the Lawmen in just a couple more weeks.  Here is the first Sidekick from one of the coolest factions yet to come.  Enjoy. 
In Jesse We Trust
  • Image-215566-full


Great job to everyone that made reaching $135k a success.  The reward is not just unlocking these super cool limited edition sculpts known as the Ladies of the West.  The reward is that every pledge level above Wicked now gets 1 set free.  
Thanks for keeping this kickstarter the best ever.  We could not do this without you guys.  Happy Sunday and no licking the screen.  ;)
  • Image-215997-full


Stone Fist Mounted On Running Thunder is available now as an add-on model or can be part of your pledge as a reward for Corrupt and above.  
  • Image-216013-full


Hi guys, 
We just unlocked the sidekick models and also the Battle Foam bags.  Look for those on the main page.  
We also sweetened the pot for Corrupt, Repulsive, and Shameless.  No go out there and get them bandits to join in.  Yeee Haaa
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  • Image-216538-full


Hi everyone,
So this is a new little treat we are stating each day.  Since we have so much cool art we wanted to share it with you.  
Each day around 6:00 PM Arizona time we will update with a cool new image that you guys can use as screen savers or whatever you like.  
Today we have VII of the Enlightened.  Enjoy and more good stuff to come tomorrow.  
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Trading your rewards is very easy with Wild West Exodus. 
The first thing to remember is that all trading will happen during the survey that is emailed out at the end of the campaign. Kickstarter does not allow for modifications to the pledge levels once they are posted. As the project creators we can update graphics with the latest unlocked rewards but we can not change the text listed under the pledge level wording on the right side of the screen. This is to prevent project creators from advertising a reward as being something and then lowering the rewards in the level at the end of the campaign. It is basically a safety system to guarantee that the backers get what they pledge for.   
In our kickstarter our graphic is always correct so if the pledge level graphic says you are getting 4 of something but the text on the right says 3, please know you will get 4. The graphic is always right.   

As for trades the policy is simple. We will allow like model trades for like model trades

We will also allow like model rewards such as books to be traded for like model printed media. 

Below you will find a list of examples on what can be traded and for what.
-Box sets of Hired Hands can be traded for box sets of Hired Hands
-Whole starters sets can be traded for whole starter sets
-Light Support Choices can be traded for Light Support Choices
-Heavy Support Choices can be traded for Heavy Support Choices
-Micro Art Terrain Sets can be traded for Micro Art Terrain Sets, or for Bags, or for Models of equal value.
-Rule Books can be traded for Art Books, Mini Rule Books, or printed art prints, aka posters.
-The Rotten Level Pledge can be traded for $35 worth of add-on credit to be spent on add-ons. This credit cannot be used against you pledge total to give you an additional discount. This is not allowed by Kickstarter.
-Boss Models can be traded for Boss Models
-Underboss Models can be traded for Underboss Models
-Sidekick Models can be traded fro Sidekick Models
-Limited Edition Models can be traded for Limited Edition Models
If the models being traded require an additional cost to be added the pledge must be increased to cover this. 
Example - Backer A wants to trade in the Starter Box Gen Grant standard pose model for Abe Lincoln. Backer A can do this at no extra charge and would request this during the survey at the end of the kickstarter. 
Example - Backer B wants to trade out Alt Sculpt Jesse James Boss for Eiffel and Spider Construct. Backer B would need to add an additional $11 to cover the difference in price between the Alt Sculpt Jesse James and the Eiffel model.
You can also create mega forces by selecting only one faction for your entire pledge.  This would mean all of your starter boxes would be the same.  In turn you could swap out any models in those starters as long as they are swapped for like models.  


Here is an early preview of Apache Kid part of the wave 2 sidekicks for the Outlaws.  Look for him and Jake "Smiley" Williams to unlock at $175k.  
Lets get these guys out of jail and into some pledge levels.  We can do it guys.  
  • Image-217397-full


Oh ya, my man may not look like much but wait till you see his final rules.  Abe Lincoln and him together will make a killer combo.  
  • Image-217413-full


Check this guy out everyone.  Not only is he a serial killer but he cuts a nice little smile in his victims faces.  Nothing funny about Jake's approach to murder.  Releasing at $175k as an Outlaw Sidekick.  Spread the word guys.  
  • Image-217854-full


Good old Frank James the brother of Jesse James.  Jesse's older brother ain't no slouch with his trusty rifle "Zerelda".   You may notice that name from a special lady that runs with the Merc crew.  Lets just say that Frank and Zerelda have had a few stories between them and it does not have to do with guns.   
  • Image-217860-full


This is our new pledge level called Cruel.  With this level you get everything you need to complete you faction of choice.  You can select from any of the unlocked items during the survey take advantage of some nice savings.  
  • Image-218254-full


Here she is.  The Union's finest achievement of power and destruction.  With the help of Nikola Tesla the Union has created the first super train.  Powered by the stolen RJ-1027 power source this giant piece of metal might is almost unstoppable on its quest across the country.  
The Union Heavy Rail will play a major roll in the game of Wild West Exodus for various missions and scenarios.  It will also serve as a great center piece for any fan of WWX.  The table top will never look the same once you place one of these monsters on it. 
Each Union Heavy Rail kit will feature 4 train parts and several resin track pieces. The tracks will give you enough to cover the train and an additional 6" on both sides.  Additional track will be sold on our website at a later date after kickstarter. 
The Union Heavy Rail will measure 5.5" in height and dominate the landscape with its 3 additional cars.  
This item will be available as an add-on only item and will ship October 2013.  
The MSRP will be $225 
The KSRP will be $160 
  • Image-218293-full


This module is designed to take care of the 1 faction backer that wants the nice models without the extra goodies.  
  • Image-218354-full


Dieter and Schultz Kaufman the enlightened death dealing brothers.  These two sidekicks will be the talk of the town once on the table.  Not only do they deal death to all that stand in their way but they will have some unseen abilities not yet shown on their Charlie rules.  
These guys have joined Dr. Carpathian on his quest for global domination and have left their German homeland behind.  What secrets to they hide and why have they chosen to help Dr. Carpathian.  
Only time will tell.  
  • Image-219042-full


Hi everyone. Good Monday to all the backers and future backers. We wanted to correct a typo from two specific areas. The first is the Union Train. We know the art work shows a 15mm man on one side. That is incorrect and should be 35MM tall. The model will be shown this Friday with the design finished in 3D and a normal man size model next to it for size. The second correction is for the Heinous Pledge level added the other day. We missed adding the physical rule book to the bundle. Not only does it get the Beta Rules later this month but Heinous backers will also get 1 Rule Book with that pledge. More updates coming today guys. Stay tuned.

  • Image-219353-full


This amazing set of 4 models will feature 3 detailed Warrior Nation Braves and one large Summoned Apparition. 
This group of sidekicks can summon this spirit in their activation and use it to fight in close combat.  The Apparition can never be destroyed unless all 3 Braves have been killed.  This group will make an amazing addition to any army and will be available to Corrupt level pledges as a free addition once unlocked.  
Other backers may add this 4 model set for $30 well below its normal MSRP.  The Apparition model will stand 60mm tall and have various spirit and ghost ripping out of it. 
Look for this to unlock at $195k
  • Image-219498-full


Here is our next short goal at $190k. This 6 piece set rounds out the resin WWX terrain pieces and not only gives you objective markers but also provides cover.  
Look for these to be added to several pledge levels once we break $190k.  
  • Image-219589-full


We know you all wanted to get more word out and we made these awesome avatars and banners to spread the love for your faction.  
Now get out there give them your best.  
In Jesse We Trust
  • Image-219889-full
  • Image-219890-full
  • Image-219891-full
  • Image-219892-full
  • Image-219893-full
  • Image-219894-full
  • Image-219895-full
  • Image-219896-full
  • Image-219897-full
  • Image-219898-full
  • Image-219899-full
  • Image-219900-full


Hello everyone.  We thought we would give you a special treat today with some of Craig Gallant's writing.  Craig is the official Wild West Exodus writer and has put in countless hours of work on the 200 plus pages of fluff coming out in the Rule Book.  
This short story is part of the Outlaw history and goes over the famous Union Rail robbery by Jesse James and his posse.  
Please read this and post it on forums for others to enjoy.  
  • Image-220401-full
  • Image-220403-full
  • Image-220404-full
  • Image-220405-full
  • Image-220406-full
  • Image-220407-full
  • Image-220408-full
  • Image-220409-full
  • Image-220410-full


With the $215k goal quickly approaching we figured it would be time to show you the additional hired hands.  This box will feature the same load out but with heavier armor.  Each 10 man box will have 5 close combat and 5 long range hired hands.  
All models will be individual in some way and be produced in plastic.  
  • Image-220463-full


Unlocking in just a short time is the Union Rail.  We thought it would be fun to see this beast in full color.  Don't miss out on the super low Kickstarter price for this ultra detailed kit.  
  • Image-221462-full


Hey guys, some of you asked for some details on the two Battle Foam bags.  Here are some links to help you out.  
The first bag the Outlaw is very similar to the P.A.C.K. 432.  It is the same size and will fit the same foam.  It will however have some really cool embroidered patches and a new foam tray style designed to hold your models horizontally while you travel.  
You can choose from the two foam options during the survey.  Please follow this link to find the exact details on the bags.  
The Bandit bag is also very similar to the current C4 bag.  That bag is on the Battle Foam site also but the Bandit is a bit bigger to allow for more models.  
  • Image-221514-full


One of the biggest names of historic wild west stories, Wyatt Earp.  His no bs attitude cleaned up the town of Tombstone and now he has set his sites on the rubbish that runs with Jesse James. 
Empowered with the Union's UR-30 Robots and his brothers, they set their sites on total control.  
Law has a new face in the WWX world and Mr. Earp will stop at nothing to make sure outlaws and rebels know it. 
His high powered shotgun make short change of his enemies.  His special issue government shield can be used to create a moving barricade that he can deal death from.  
Wyatt Earp and UR-30 Robots will be able to create a shield wall that will give all the models a +2 to their armor.  It will also provide cover and a +2 armor to any models within 2" of the back arch of the models using shield wall.  
Should make for some interesting street fights.  
  • Image-221663-full
  • Image-221664-full

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