viernes, marzo 22, 2013


Nueva actualización de Kings of War para mantenernos al día con el segundo envio que nos tiene que llegar a todos los backers. En esta actualización además de hablar del Mantic Open Day, también muestran lun video con los Men-At-Arms que fueron escaneados a un programa 3D a partir de un Green de Remy Trembley.

No te lo pierdas Wargamer.

We’ve increased our sculpting resource dramatically whilst putting together the 22 new units for Kings of War and one of the things we’ve started using is 3D Sculpting. The Men-At-Arms will be the first Hard Plastic sprue we’ve done using the technology and today we’ve got a special video showing you how the sculpts are progressing!
Note that these are not finished – the chests are too narrow and the heads slightly too small at the moment, so these will be getting amended. For now though, we thought you’d enjoy seeing the progress >:)
For this unit we used a master green from Remy Tremblay that was then scanned into a computer and reposed.
Leave us your thoughts in the comments!
Mantic Open Day UK
We also just wanted to let you know about the Mantic Open Day - it's coming on the 11th May 2013!
We will be aiming to hold the largest game of Kings of War we’ve ever had PLUS we hope to be able to show off as many of the new figures for Kings of War in all of their painted glory at the event.
Please feel free to bring your armies along and participate in some games on the day!
In addition, we’re also be holding the Manticbowl DreadBall Tournament (If you want to play, get your ticket soon - they are going quickly!) as well as demonstration games of Warpath and our very popular seminar with Ronnie. Jake Thornton will also be in attendance, as will Golem Painting Studio - plus more Special Guests still to be announced.
The team from Golem Painting Studio will be holding a painting workshop showing you how to paint hard edges on the DreadBall Teams, or flesh and cloth on the Corporation Marines. Reserve your spot and grab your Workshop Ticket Here!
The venue location has now been confirmed as 193 Hempshill Lane, Nottingham NG6 8PF. This is literally just around the corner from our Greasley Street Offices and has considerable parking and is a much larger venue!

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