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El Kickstarter de Hell Dorado ya ha finalizando, con 954 backers y una recaudación de 129,800 dolares. La portada no tiene desperdicio sobre todo si quieres ver toda la gama de Hell Dorado en un vistazo. Seguramente oiremos pronto de nuevo de este Kickstarter.

Hell Dorado is a tactical skirmish miniature game where players choose a company of models to battle enemy factions on the most brutal battleground imaginable, the realms of Hell! Choose your faction from either the Western powers, the devout Saracens, Immortals from the far East, the Demons under Lucifer, the Lost demons who deny Lucifer's tyranny, or the ruthless Mercenaries willing to work for anyone with the gold to buy their swords and souls.  

The INFERNO expansion book and card deck is the first major expansion in the Hell Dorado universe. The greatest war of Hell has escalated to new heights of destruction as the demon Legions under command of the Fallen Angel Abezeth rise to eradicate the upstart invaders from Lucifer's realm. 
The INFERNO expansion book includes 48 new profiles across all six Hell Dorado Factions. This full color book will also feature: New Scenarios, new battlefields, and new terrain types to make your games more exciting than ever before. Hell Dorado: Inferno will give players more army strategies, more game variety, and more of the miniatures that make it one of the best looking miniature games around. The expansion also includes a card deck for all the units that are included in the book for use in the game with your models and as quick reference of your opponent's forces. 

Players will choose small teams of individual models to form their company. A company generally consists of between five and eight miniatures. 
Hell Dorado uses a dynamic turn system in which players trade off activating models during each turn. A player never has to wait too long before making their next move. 
Hell Dorado is a dice based system that uses up to five six sided dice. Players roll their dice against a target number of one to five and gauge the degree of their success based on how many of their dice met or exceeded the target number. A player will never have to roll more than five dice, and any time a models abilities would take them over that number, they will instead gain the ability to re-roll one or more of their dice that failed to meet the target number. 
In Hell Dorado, the battlefield is Hell itself, so the very ground on which you are fighting can become a capricious ally or treacherous enemy. How you manage to navigate the terrain of Hell will have a great impact on your ability to wage war in the land below. Only those who can adapt to the chaotic landscape, make use of all of their companies strengths, and out maneuver their opponents' tactically will find total victory in the underworld. 
Check out the Quick Start Rules!

The war for Hell is divided between six unique factions, each vying to achieve their own goals at the expense of the others. Alliances are tenuous at best, and schemes within each faction can even turn members of the same affiliation against one another. 

The Westerners are comprised of the European elements, led by the Catholic Church, that have entered Hell following the atrocities of the thirty years war. The Westerners reside in the sprawling city of New Jerusalem, a permanent settlement that has been constructed in Hell over the last five years. The Westerners make powerful use of their technology, especially firearms, to achieve dominance over the more magically fueled denizens of the land below. 
The Westerners have expanded their presence since the events of the first Hell Dorado book, and have brought new weapons to bear in their quest for the Prima Materia. The economic and philosophical impact of the pathway into Hell has caused a surge of manpower to flood into the city of New Jerusalem, and in its wake political and religious strife has become rampant. While still primarily controlled by the Catholic Church, New Jerusalem remains open to members of all faiths, a fact that is brewing unrest in the City of the Damned. The arrival of a great demon host from the outer circles threatens the expansionist operations of New Jerusalem. This causes the Lords of Europe to rally together, and the Westerners will then fight back with the most devastating and inhumane weapons at their disposal. 

The Demon Faction is comprised of the infernal creatures that serve Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. Demons are always scheming against one another, and their complicated political plays against one another are as much to blame for the gains of mankind in the world below as the power of their mortal enemies. 
As ever, the Demons continue to squabble among themselves for more power in Lucifer's realm. However, the Fallen Angel Abezeth has recently arrived in the Outer Circle at the head of a massive demon host. And while he claims that Lucifer himself sent him there to destroy the mortals congregating around New Jerusalem, the other demons can't really be sure that his intentions aren't more selfish. So while the demons may seem to be making a united effort to punish the living invaders of Hell, they continue to scheme against each other as they all vie for the best position. 

The Saracens arrived in Hell long before the Westerners discovered the portal in Europe. While the Europeans have been quick to exploit the lands of Hell, The Saracens have more concrete goals. Where the forces of New Jerusalem are mostly acting at the behest of mercantile interests, the Saracens of Al-Aqsa are more strictly controlled by the Saracen military. In addition to seeking the Prima Materia, the Saracens hold the firm belief that somewhere in Hell lays a gateway into Heaven, and the Saracens will do anything they can to find and secure it for themselves. 
The impetuousness of the encroaching Westerners has forced the Saracens to become more active in their attempts to secure their holdings in the land below. Now as Abezeth’s armies invade, promising doom to all mortals that they come across, the Saracens must bring their most potent forces to bear if they hope to succeed in their quest to find the gateway to Heaven. 

Unlike the Demons, the Lost are Infernal Denizens that deny the authority of Lucifer and the Fallen Angels. The Lost, a loose confederation of demonic tribes, fight a war for independence and seek mostly to carve a section of the underworld out for themselves. This makes the Lost more likely to ally themselves with mortals to achieve their goals, but make no mistake, the Lost are both willing and capable of destroying any mortal companies that get in the way. 
The Lost have long waged war with the Demons in a bid for independence from the Fallen Angels. As the Demon Host arrives, Bran Carnoth reaches out to reclusive tribes of Lost for aid. No group has a greater impact on the Lost's interests than the coming of the Aztec Nation. Long isolated from the rest of Hell, the Aztecs are drawn to the conflict as rumors of their hated Westerner foes reach their ears. They will fight for the resistance, but New Jerusalem may find itself in even greater peril if these creatures gain superiority. 

If Al-Aqsa is old, Daiyu is ancient. The Immortal faction consists of a unique fusion of Mortal and Demon culture under the banner of the Chinese Emperor. The Immortal's ability to align their interests with the demons of hell is due in part to their inclusive Buddhist faith and in part to their masterful ability to manipulate the political tides of any hierarchy. 
The Immortals have watched the movements of the other mortal factions with interest, and seek to manipulate the events of Hell to benefit their glorious Empire. The Immortals have no need to expand their holdings in Hell, but with the escalating conflict between the other factions, the Immortals find themselves in a place to profit from the chaos. Immortal war bands and spies range far afield, as the Immortal leaders in Daiyu pick away at the schemes of others to ensure the outcome of each conflict serves their interests. 

In any realm where war is being fought, you will find no lack of men and monsters willing to sell their ability to kill for coin. The war in Hell is no different. Mercenary work is a booming business for those with the fortitude to brave the dangers of the land below. Among these swords for hire operate the enigmatic Knights Templar, an army for hire that has it's own interests at stake. 
 Times are good for Mercenaries in the land below. Increased conflict between the major powers of Hell means that there is no lack of work for those who are willing to sell their allegiance to the highest bidder. The Templar continue to take on contracts that align with their own secret goals, while throngs of sell-swords line the streets of New Jerusalem, Al-ghasa, and Daiyu, waiting to be unleashed by whoever has the gold to command them.

LEMURE - Signed Art Print by Bertrand Benoit, Lead Hell Dorado Artist.

OFFICER - Inferno Character card deck

MERCENARY - Kickstarter Exclusive Limited Edition Figurine and a Signed Art Print.

DEMON LORD - Inferno Core Rulebook.

XAPHAN - One Faction Starter (starter contains 4-5 models, cards, and quick start rules)  Limited Edition Figurine and a Signed Art Print. Choose one of the current faction starter after the campaign ends.

MARBAS - Inferno Rulebook, Inferno character card deck, Kickstarter Exclusive Limited Edition Figurine, and a Signed Art Print.

ZAEBAS - Inferno Rulebook, Inferno character card deck, Hell Dorado Core Rulebook, Kickstarter Exclusive Limited Edition Figurine, and a Signed Art Print.

HELL GATE - Inferno Rulebook, Inferno character card deck, Hell Dorado Core Rulebook, Two Faction Starters of your choice (starter contains 4-5 models, cards, and quick start rules), Limited Edition Figurine, and a Signed Art Print. Choose from the current Faction Starters after the campaign ends. (Stretch Goal Bonus One Free LE or Alternate Add On)

Double HELL GATE – 2X HELL GATE, Twice the evil! (Includes double Hell Gatebonuses)

PRO PAINT - Pro-Painted 200 pt faction force, Inferno Rulebook, Inferno character card deck, Pro-Painted Kickstarter Exclusive Limited Edition Figurine, and a Signed Art Print. (Stretch Goal Bonus One Free LE or Alternate Add On)

HELL FIRE - Inferno Rulebook, Inferno character card deck, Limited Edition Figurine, Signed Art Print, one of each product released from the Inferno rulebook as they are released. We will ship you the figures at the time of general release of each wave until all the figures from the Inferno book are available. (Stretch Goal Bonus One Free LE or Alternate Add On)

DISPLAY PAINT - Display Quality Painted 200 pt faction force by the official Hell Dorado studio, Inferno Rulebook, Inferno character card deck, Painted Kickstarter Exclusive Limited Edition Figurine, and a Signed Art Print. (Stretch Goal Bonus One Free LE or Alternate Add On)

HELL'S FURY - HELL FIRE pledge level PLUS the Hell Dorado Core Rulebook and one of each product released from the Core Rulebook.(Stretch Goal Bonus One Free LE or Alternate Add On)

*models are pewter cast and come unassembled and unpainted.
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Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Any project has it's unforeseen risks. We have launched two other Kickstarter campaigns. Our first is the Medusa Playing card deck where we have just recently wrapped up and delivered a fantastic product on time. We are also currently developing Anima Gate of Memories with our partner studio in Spain, Anima Project Studio. Gate of Memories is progressing steadily and comes with it's own risks and challenges that we will face along it's development together with the experienced Anima Project Studio team.
Potential challenges that might arise with Hell Dorado: Inferno include printing delays, customs issues, and development delays that are minimal but certainly possible. However, this project is something we know how to do. We have been producing miniature games including two other books since 2006.
Much of the Inferno book is complete. Many of the characters have finished concepts and many are in sculpting or are finished now. We are diligently working on finishing the book throughout the Kickstarter. There is still a good deal of work ahead but we are very confident we can deliver the high quality product that we are known for.

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