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Outlaw Miniaturas nos viene un día mas con dos actualizaciones de su Kickstarter de Wild West Exodus. Quedan 49 días para finalizar y ya han recaudado 49,278 $ con la participación de 295 backers.

La primera actualización ya viene siendo una obligatoria en todos los kickstarter, la de los avatars para hacer publicidad y gala de que se esta participando en el mismo. La chicha viene en la segunda donde se muestran las recompensas para la meta de los 55.000 $, cuatro miniaturas cone quipo pesado y como guiño una de las portadas del cómic, fantastica.


Hi everyone,
We know some of you wanted some banners to help spread the word about the WWX campaign.  Here are a few to get things going.  
We also added some avatars that will allow you to show off your colors for your faction.  
Here is what you need to do.
Right click on the image, save it to your desktop,
Adjust the size as needed for your forums and you're off.  
Feel free to use them on other forums etc and get the word out!
  • Image-208156-full
  • Image-208157-full
  • Image-208158-full
  • Image-208161-full
  • Image-208162-full
  • Image-208163-full
  • Image-208164-full
  • Image-208165-full


Ok guys, with the $50k stretch just around the corner we wanted to really surprise you with some super cool new free stuff.  
Lets get those numbers up.  
Anyone that pledges Wicked or higher will now get their choice of these super cool Heavy Weapon Hired Hands.  Each starter box will now have these totally free added to the bundle.  
We are also giving everyone that pledges Fiendish or higher the awesome Kickstarter Exclusive Chief Sitting Bull Wall Poster.  This poster is massive and will look great in your game room. 
Here is to getting to $55k and beyond.  Thanks for the support guys.  
  • Image-208298-full
  • Image-208300-full

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