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Estas dos actualizaciones del Kickstarter de Wild West Exodus es la mar de interesante para los indecisos que pudiera haber. Con una recaudación de 52,276 $ y 40 días por delante les queda mucho por enseñar y lograr aún.

No solo han ampliado mucho de los niveles que ya habian puesto con más miniaturas y más extras si no que además han añadido un nuevo nivel algo más asequible para el que este interesado solo en algunas miniaturas. Especial mención al boceto que han presentado de Abe Lincoln, que no necesita explicar quien es, jejeje. la idea de una escopeta hacha me parece brutal, como todo el diseño.

Update 11

Ok guys we did it.  $50k has come and gone.  We have a surprise for everyone.  
Not only do we unlock Rotten as a free add-on for everyone in the Wicked pledge level or higher but as a special bonus we are doing even more.  
Now all Fiendish level pledges get 4 free Alt Boss models.  
This will include Abe Lincoln, Billy The Kid, Geronimo, and Eiffel.  More images of these guys to come as they get unlocked at the $80k mark.  
We also sweetened the pot for people pledging at the Shameless level.  Not only do these pledge levels get the 2nd Wave Boss models but they also get their choice of 3 Light Support Iron Horses or Energy Beasts.  
So lets bump up those pledges guys and get the good stuff now included.  
Below you will see the concept art for Mr. Abe Lincoln soon to be released as an add-on piece.  
Congrats to everyone for getting us to $50k.  Awesome.  
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Update 12

Hi everyone,
I know we should only do one update per day but we could not resist.  The emails keep coming in so we just released two more cool add-on bonus items for everyone. 
First we have the Official WWX Template set.  This comes packed with 21 different templates and will give you everything you need to play a game of WWX.
Second because of demand we have added a "Mini Starter Box" that can be selected as an add-on. Now if you just wanted to add 1 additional faction with some hired hands and a boss you can.  
Enjoy everyone. 
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