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Outlaw Miniaturas esta trabajando fuerte en su Kickstarter de Wild West Exodus. Ahora nos sorprende con los siguientes niveles el de 60,000 $ 65,000 $ y 70,000 $. Tenéis que ver por vosotros mismos estas estupendas motos para 3 de las 4 facciones  Ahora solo queda esperar con que sorprenderán para la Warriors Nation.

Hi everyone,
Here is an early preview of the unlock items set for the $60k, $65k, and $70k stretch goals.  
These babies are super fast light support choices for 3 of the 4 factions.  The Outlaws, Union, and Enlightened have all reworked the design of Dr. Carpathian into their own version.  Based off the Iron Horse chassis each faction has designed it to fit their needs.  
These models will also have quickness 8" so that means with 2 actions you are covering 16" of movement per turn.  
Better yet the Light Support slot allows for bigger groups of models to be bunched under one support choice.  This means that if you wanted to create a huge Union mounted cav army you could do it.  
Notice the weapon options on each can be changed to allow for different functions.  These babies will have the option of having twin gatling guns, mini cannons, or rocket pods.  
If your looking to pick a fight there is no better way then with some light support.  Please help us unlock these awesome weapons of destruction by pledging and spreading the word.  
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