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Outlaw Miniaturas nos viene un día mas con tres actualizaciones de su Kickstarter de Wild West Exodus. A las 36 horas aproximadamente de su lanzamiento ya han recaudado 41,331 $ con la participación de 257 backers.

Aquí os traemos tres actualizaciones nos presentan las miniaturas del segundo strech goal, tanto el Sky Spirit y Major Sherman son unas miniaturas fantástica. Me he enamorado del Sky Spirit me parece una miniatura realmente preciosa y que solo viéndola ya me la imagino perfectamente pintada.

Muestran también a Walks Looking ya pintada, una india con los ojos vendados y de armas a tomar. Además fijarse lo bien que quedan las peanas con esa forma tan peculiar que tiene. Además debido a la cantidad de peticiones que han tenido de hacer unos personajes especiales basados en una serie de TV estan trabajando en unos diseños nuevos. A esperar con que nos sorprende.


So now that we have unlocked the Sidekick models and everyone pledging wicked or higher got them free its time to set our sights on the Underboss minis.
Here is a sneak peek at them getting unlocked at $40,000
More fun stuff to come.  


As you guys may know our game works off a very cool influence mechanic.  The dark forces all around WWX twist and change people to do good and bad things.  We represent this by giving each player influence tokens each turn.  
Boss models and more expensive point models will give more influence tokens to the gamer.  The other way to gain influence to change dice rolls and other factors is by purchasing DC or GST models in your list.  
The Dark Council and Great Spirit Totems will give each player 1 additional influence token.  These tokens are earned each turn until the DC member or GST model is destroyed and removed from play.  
Here are the sneak peeks of the models that each box will come with based on your pledge levels. 


Walks Looking has a special ability that allows her to see without using her eyes.  She is so well trained in harnessing the power of the Great Spirit that she sees the world around her as bright white silhouettes.  This makes her extremely deadly at night when most men are blinded by the darkness.


We have just started production on concept art for a new special unit that will work with any faction. These mercenary models can be added to any faction if you have enough points in your list.  
We listened to your request to find a way to fit a group that seems to be a lot like a very popular TV show you may remember.  
Stay tuned for more info as we have it.  Look for this to be a stretch goal later in the campaign

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