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Quedan 33 días y ya llevan recaudad cerca de los 80,000 $ en el  Kickstarter de Wild West Exodus que ya llevan exactamente 85,501 $ a punto de desbloquear su siguiente nivel.

Las actualizaciones son bastante jugosas ya empezando por la primera donde muestran los modelos que sustituirán algunas de las figuras de los starters por petición de los participantes a cambio de unas más dinámicas y acordes a la temática del juego para cada una de las facciones, excepto los Enlightened, que como todos sabemos los no muertos y zombies no son muy ágiles que digamos.

También presentan el primer boceto de las Fuerzas Mercs el Capitan Marcus Wayward, un diseño muy bueno tenéis que verlo.

Y por petición de la comunidad de participantes también han decidido darles a todos los backers si llegan a los 95,000 $, que falta relativamente poco, un cupón descuento de un 30% para la tienda online, una vez finalice el Kickstarter.


We have read the comments and have listened to what everyone has said.  Hired Hands did need a little bit of love to give them that kick of excitement.  
So in this update we are showing you guys that each faction starter box and all hired hands boxes will have these new models taking the place of some of the lesser dynamic versions.  
Some may say that they should all have been changed, or ask why Enlightened are not on the list.  
To answer that is actually very much part of the fluff.  This is a very shooty game and the models represent how these men would fight in real life.  
The Warrior Nation being more of a close combat army has 3 guys reposed to show their sneaky ways.  
On the other hand the Enlightened did not get any updates because they are undead and would not be dynamic.  These guys move around like slow robots and would not be jumping or running.  We cover this in the fluff section of the rule book in some great detail.  Its all part of Dr. Carpathians secret plan to rule the world.  
You'll also notice a little treat of Chief Sitting Bull a wave 1 boss that comes with each starter.  His repose or Alt Pose wave 2 shows him ready to charge forward and rip apart his enemies.  
We hope you like the update and remember that we read each and every comment and suggestion.  Your advise and ideas are something we value greatly.  
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Here is the first and still in progress image of Captain Marcus Wayward of the Mercs force. 
More images of him and his posse just around the corner.  
I'll give you guys a little hint.  All Repulsive levels get the entire crew free at $100,000k stretch goal.  Just saying.  ;)
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We would love to take credit for this super cool stretch goal but we can't.  One of our awesome backers actually suggest this idea earlier today and we loved it.  
Once we cross the $95k mark all backers regardless of the amount they have backed will receive a FREE coupon code at the end of the Kickstarter to use on any purchase via our webstore. 
This means that the savings can continue even after the kickstarter is finished.  We have so many models to release in the coming months that this will be a huge bonus if used on a large purchase.  
Wave 2 vehicles will be released this summer and more factions are on the way.  Great work to everyone who kept the flame alive today with the roller coaster pledging.  ;)  
In Jesse We Trust. 
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