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Quedan aún 34 días para que finalice el Kickstarter de Wild West Exodusque ya cuenta con 410 participantes y una recaudación de 79,698 $ muy cerca de desbloquear su siguiente nivel.

Primero han hecho un cambio en las reglas respecto a los Boss, ahora se pueden crear a nuestra conveniencia e incluso utilizar la miniatura que más nos convenga, esto a Garou_den y a mi nos encanta de sobremanera por que da pié a conversiones.

Además han presentado las peanas oficiales de Micro Art Studio para Wild West Exodus, dos tipos desierto y ciudad, pero no acaba aqui la cosa.

En la portada del Kickstarter han añadido más metas y entre ellas están mas facciones, Por ahora solo tenemos el nombre de todas ellas y una sombra del emblema de la misma en algunas.

The Lawmen
The Holy Order
The Confederate Rebellion
El Ejercito Dorado


As you know our concept artist is hard at work creating our Merc crew.  (AKA Not Firefly Crew) 
After spending the weekend working on this addition we came up with something very cool.  Now this is not currently part of the Charlie rules so you will have to wait till the Beta Rules are official and emailed to all the backers at the end of the campaign. 
That still does not mean this news is not awesome.  So here it is.  Currently there are 4 models being created for the Merc Crew
Captain Marcus Wayward (Former Captain in the Confederated Rebellion Army) 
Lt. Zarelda Kincade (Former Lt. in the Confederated Rebellion Army) 
Jake Mattia (Former Outlaw)
Flowing River (Former Tribe member of The Warrior Nation and schooled by The Holy Order)
So that is not the super exciting news.  As we thought about it we wanted gamers to have even more control of their merc units.  How to do that was the big question.  
After discussing it with a few team members and Alessio we came up with a "Make Your Own Boss" option. 
The way this will work will be as follows. 
1. You select the boss you want from the available factions, Outlaws, Warrior Nation, Union, or Enlightened
2. You name your boss whatever you like since his stat card will be blank in that section. 
3. You select from 3 available options, Long Range Expert, Close Combat Expert, or Little of Both
4. You then select from a choice of weapons from each category.  Example - Long Range will have available Scoped Rifle, Gatling Gun, Or Spirit Bow.  Close Combat will have Hatchet, Energy Sabre, or Cleaver.  These will also be bits included with the model.  
5. Add up all the points from all the selected sections and create a total.  Take that total and subtract it from your army list cash value for that game.  
In the end you will have a model that you designed and build around your playing style to go with your merc list.  The even cooler factor will be that Mercs will be available to combine with any faction.  If you want to join them with outlaws you can.  If next game you want to see how they do with Warrior Nation no problem.  Change out the gear on your boss, (only if you magnetized the arms) added up the value and subtract from your army list.  Bing bang boom.  Magic Time.  
Look for images and more details later this week.  


Hey guys,
As a special treat we are sliding in an additional unlock at $82,500. The Micro Art Studio official WWX bases are now ready to be unlocked with your help. 
Shameless will receive 20 free bases with their pledge as a reward. 
Repulsive will receive 40 free bases with their pledge as a reward.  
Backers can choose from dessert or town during the survey and all items will ship together.  
For everyone backing us at a lower level we will make these available as add-on items at a reduced special kickstarter price.  
Both designs will be available in all bases sizes ranging from 1.25",1.75", 2.25", and 4.50".  Bases size can be selected during the survey.  
Enjoy guys. 
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