lunes, febrero 11, 2013


Quedan aún 35 días para que finalice el Kickstarter de Wild West Exodusque ya cuenta con 398 participantes y una recaudación de 76,602 $.

Las siguiente actualización es un WIP de Doomsday el vehículo pesado de los Enlightened donde ya vemos que cuesta 15 $ menos del precio de venta final si queremos añadirlo a nuestro Kickstarter.

Además publicaron una aclaración respecto a la oleada 2 de jefes, que se llamara ahora oleada 3, debido a una confusión que se estaba creando con los jefes con posturas alternativas de la oleada 1.


Here is a work in progress of the Doomsday.  Again, its a work in progress and will only get better as its finished.  
  • Image-210546-full
  • Image-210550-full
  • Image-210551-full


Some people have been confused by our description and release of preview images of the 2nd set of boss models. To explain is easy. First you have the Alt or alternative pose of the wave 1 boss models. This means Jesse James, Sitting Bull, Dr. Carpathian, and General Grant will all get alt poses made of them. These will be more dynamic and exciting. The model you can find on the home page of Jesse James on one knee is one example of wave 1 bosses alt sculpts. This is what was added free in some of the pledge levels. The second wave boss models are a completely different set of modes. These include Geronimo, Billy The Kid, Eiffel, and Abe. These are not currently included in any pledge level as free. If we reach specific goals they may be included in some way or offered at a reduced price. To keep further confusion from happening we will refer to Lincoln, Geronimo, Billy, and Eiffel as wave 3 bosses going forward. Sorry about the confusion.

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