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Este titulo tan peculiar se corresponde al nuevo juego de Alien Dungeon, un juego de batallas a 15 mm ambientados en 1910, donde un frente unificado de Canadá  Estados Unidos y Gran Bretaña lucha contra los extraterrestres a lo largo del rió Mississippi. Mientras Alemania y Francia miran con recelo a los Ingleses como van ganando la carrera armamentística gracias a los restos de la tecnología alienígena.

We are VERY excited to announce our second game, All Quiet on the Martian Front. We really wanted to do a sci-fi game with a twist and our vision of a Second Martian War did the trick for us.

Set in 1910, the Martians have returned in bigger numbers and with a new strategy to conquer the earth. With initial landings in various remote locations around the globe, the Martians have established a firm beachhead. In North America, our setting for Part One, the forces of Canada, the United States and Britain are holding the invasion on the Mississippi River.

Long lines of trenches, traps, and redoubts are on the eastern side of the river and the defense works stretch all the way to the Great Lakes and into Canada.

The European powers, namely France and Germany, have not yet been attacked by the Martians but are deeply concerned about Britain's rapid technological advances after developing new technologies from the remains of the First Martian War that of course struck Great Britain. Germany and France are arming for war...

By setting the game in this time period, we were excited to take advantage of some fascinating bits of history. It was the beginning of the industrial revolution and the political figures of the time , like Teddy Roosevelt, were larger than life. In addition, you have Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Westinghouse, Marconi, Tesla and many others.

It was the time of the birth of the automobile, radio, tanks, and airplanes. Radium and atomic structure was being explored and Einstein was thinking about the Universe in a way no one had ever done before.

We have chosen to do the game in 15mm to allow lots of room for super weapons, outrageous tanks, defense lines, huge menacing tripods, land ironclads and more. The images from World War One have always stirred us and in 15mm we can do a decent job of replicating that feel and look on the table top. Now today 15mm means 18mm figures, so be warned.

The game is unit based and is a mass combat game rather than a skirmish.

There is lots and lots more to come, so stay tuned. Better yet, get involved!

We are currently in an open "beta" test phase and you can weigh in on what you would like to see via our forums here:

There are lots more images on our website and we will be adding more each week.

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