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Una mini actualización del Kickstarter de Wild West Exodus con una recaudación de 59,701 $ y 38 días por delante.

Esta mini actualización añade algunas chucherías más al Kickstarter, la posibilidad de comprar aparte el equipo de armas pesadas, un starter entero o las modificaciones pertinentes a otro de los niveles. Estamos a la espera de la gran actualización a los 60,000 $

Hello everyone,
Here is an update to get everyone set up for the next level.  This is a mini update since the Light Support Vehicles are almost unlocked and ready to go.  
First.  Hired Hand boxes are now part of the add-on section.  Please check the bottom of the KS page to find them.  Remember that you can never have enough Hired Hands.  These guys are the back bone of any army and with their ranged and close combat weapons they can turn the tide of a battle in seconds.  Nothing screams awesome more than a blood thirsty posse of Braves charging across the battle field with hatchets and bows.  The Hired Hand slot in WWX is unlimited so feel free to add these guys at their discounted KS price.  Also keep in mind that they are a multi part plastic kit that will allow you to pose the arms in various ways.  
Second.  We have also added the full Starter Boxes as add-on items.  Just in case you want to get another starter for a friend or for yourself.  Its a nice and cheap way to get 14 miniatures for a great price via Kickstarter. 
Third.  We have the Heavy Weapon Hired Hands Light Support Choice.  These guys are extremely deadly and we have play tested a union army with 5 in one faction.  Lets just say things did not go well for the outlaws looking down a street with 5 gatling guns sweeping across.  
End result was dead bodies and lots of them.  Grab them while you can at the $12 KS price.  They will normally be $15 msrp.  
More to come guys.  Thank you for pledging.  
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