domingo, diciembre 16, 2012


Soda Pop para mantener a todos los mecenas del Kickstarter al tanto ha decidido a lo largo de los próximos días, hasta navidad, publicar capturas nuevas de Relic Knights acompañados de versos para cantarlos a diario con alegría y festividad navideña. Una iniciativa curiosa para la comunidad de mecenas.


We know many of you are still agonizing over your decision of which factions to choose to complete your pledges by the end of the year. So in the spirit of the holiday season we thought we'd help you out with, The Twelve Days of Relic Knights. Every day through Christmas we'll reveal a new model.

Lets get this song started! (We recommend singing this song as fast and loud as possible, preferably in public, to really get into the Holiday cheer.)

On the first day of Relic Knights, Santa Soda gave to me -- A Black Diamond, M-8 Autonomous Tank, complete with BFG, murderous "protective" targeting software, and blinged out chrome treeeeeeads.


Here comes our second verse! Now remember, volume and a rapid tempo are critical when singing this song.

On the second day of Relic Knights, Santa Soda gave to me -- A Doctrine Novitiate, newly enrolled into the Erudite Prefectorium for Scholarly Excellence, who is nonetheless banded into a squad and thrust into battle against horrific forces that nobody truly comprehends, yes it's a magic wielding school giiiiiirl.

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