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EasternFront Studio ya ha alcanzado con su Kickstarter la cifra de 7.118 $ con un total de 108 mecenas. Ha habido varias actualizaciones, se han mostrado más diseños, nuevos cambios en las metas del proyecto y más información sobre las miniaturas.


Hi everyone

Sorry but there was a crucial sentence missing from the Goblin Level rewards, and now that we've launched and got backers there I can't update the reward level on the right.

The Eastern Trading House is only available to backers at the Bandit Level. Those at the Goblin and Thrall levels are unable to make use of it - including buying extra minis.

Sorry about the mistake and any confusion it might have caused.



Project Gnomager


Very proud to say the Kickstarter has been FUNDED in just over 24 hours!!

Keeping with the excitement we have 2 sneek peeks to show you the work in progress

& the clear alternate water base for the ABOLETH



We have reached our funding goal in only 25 hours! You guys really rock. The team and I are amazed by your enthusiasm and support, and we're all very excited to create the best Midgard miniature line for you that we can create.

Special Add-On Goal Unlocked

As a thank you for hitting our funding so early we have unlocked a special add-on goal - a blue water resin base for the Aboleth, that Mick showed you all in the previous update (and here it is again).

You can upgrade your Aboleth's current base to this one by adding $5 to your pledge. This option has been added to the Upgrades section of the Eastern Front Trading House.

Stretch Goals

Here is the art for the next 3 stretch goals.

From the exotic lands of the Dragon Empire comes the Mharoti Emissary. Once unlocked this Dragonkin will count as a Type M choice.

Gear Mages specialise in combining magic with machines. The first of our female characters, she will count as a Type M choice when reached.

The Alseid, sometimes called Deer Centaur, are graceful forest dwellers and protectors. The Deer Centaur will count as a Type L choice once unlocked.

Thanks everyone for getting us off to such a flying start.


-- The Project Gnomager


Now we have hit funding and a good way into the 3k slot the next goal is for the Mharoti Emissary


The Mharoti Emissary Has Arrived.

The Mharoti Emissary has journeyed from his exotic homeland to the south, up the River Cirkno, through the Magdar Kingdoms and arrived successfully at Zobeck, the Crossroads City.

A New Journey Begins

The female Gear Mage has left her workshop on the edge of the White Forest. Her journey ends at $7,000.


-- the Project Gnomager.


Hi guys we are adding new add on goal boards etc. so you can see at a glance what is going to be up for grabs and add on EFS minis..PDF etc..ALSO we have a goal to reach of 25k by Christmas if we do reach this we will be giving away a total of 5 FREE possibly more minis just for that goal((the first 5 being kobolds)) starting at the $50 pledge and going to a new $150 pledge..more info to come shortly..just a heads up..the first goal board is added also btw...again thanks for the awesome job funding this so far!!


Well, you asked and we said "Sure". We have had some requests to make available some of EasternFront Studios existing range as add-ons and options and so here's the first batch. Of course, no-one actually mentioned which ones they'd like to see. So we picked 5 to begin with that could fit reasonably well into Midgard.

All these miniatures are metal, not resin. However, we've managed to give a good discount on their retail price meaning you get metal minis at resin prices. So you can use either your Choices to snap them up (at their stated trade value) or increase your pledge by the amount indicated.

Father Theodric left his brethren to spread the light of his god, be it by sharing the wise words in his holy tome or by the crushing might of his mace. Theodric stands at 30mm and was sculpted by Gael Goumon.

Grimsha the Hag, Witch of the Fens, prepares a malign spell. She stands at 32mm and was sculpted by Cindy Dukino.

The Ogress, Ragna Grish, surveys her forest for intruders, trespassers or anything else that will fit in her dinner pot. The Ogress stands 48mm tall, was sculpted by Cindy Dukino and requires some assembly (comes in 2 parts).

Odin, the All-Father of the Norse Gods, stands victorious over a giant that threatened his lands. Huginn and Muninn, his ravens, arrive to bring him news of other troubles within the Realms. Odin stands at 85mm, requires some assembly (4 parts) and was sculpted by Jim Johnson.

The Sea Serpent lies in wait for prey to pass by. Stands at 56mm, requires some assembly (2 parts) and sculpted by Gael Goumon.

Check out the EasternFront store for the full range. See any favourites from the existing range that you'd like us to include? Any others that you think would fit well into Midgard? Then post a comment in the main comments section and we'll try to add them over the next few days for you.


-- The Project Gnomager

PS - keep an eye out for more information coming about new options and a couple of kicker goals we've already teased...


Well it is now twelve days until that magical time when humans, dwarves and kobolds alike wear little red and white hats, elves abound, reindeer get ready to fly a magical sleigh across the sky and all the inhabitants of Midgard give each other presents in a final effort to be good and avoid the attention of Krampus. Across Zobeck this time is known as...
The Twelve Days of Krampus.

There is a traditional song often sung at this time across the Crossroads called the Twelve Days of Krampus. Well, we here at the Eastern Front Trading House have decided we should have our own version. Each day between now and Krampus Day (25th December) we will reveal another verse of the song and reveal what it means for you - maybe some news, more options, freebies, who knows?

Speaking of which, here's the first verse...

"On the first day of Krampus

My Kobold brought to me

A Kicker Goal with Freebies"
Kicker Goal

If we reach $25,000 by the end of the 25th December (EST) all backers at the following levels will get bonus Kobold minis:

DWARF gets Myrt, a Kobold Druid

SCOUT gets Wit, a Kobold Rogue, & Myrt

GEARFORGED gets Chim, the Kobold Alchemist, Wit & Myrt

BANDIT KING gets Nerl, the Kobold Bard, Chim, Wit & Myrt

GUILD LEADER, ELF and CLAN CHIEF all get Jiro, the Grey Wyrm (the Kobold Quarterly mascot), Nerl, Chim, Wit & Myrt.

And let me introduce you to them.
Myrt, Kobold Druid
Wit, Kobold Rogue
Chim, Kobold Alchemist
Nerl, Kobold Bard
Jiro, the Grey Wyrm


-- The Project Gnomager


"On the second day of Krampus

My kobold brought to me

Two lumps of silver

And the Kicker Goal with Freebies"
Freebie Added to $9,000 Stretch Goal

Lothaus - miner, diplomat, devotee of Rava, Keeper of the Shadow Bell and Jiro's harder working cousin (credit to terraleon at the Kobold Press forum for that) - has been moved from the $11,000 goal and added to the $9,000 stretch goal.

What's more, should we hit $9,000, Lothaus unlocks as a freebie for all DWARF level pledges in addition to the Alseid (Deer Centaur) becoming available as a Type L model.
Lothaus (LOTH-ows), Kobold Miner

Stretch Goals Reordered

So what's happening to the stretch goals then? Well they all move down one - $13,000 now unlocks at $11,000 and the $15,000 now unlocks at $13,000. Stay tuned as more is revealed as we count down the remaining days of Krampus.


-- The Project Gnomager

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