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Warlord Games ha publicado en su Facebook un nuevo tanque para el ejercito soviético, un detalle que me encatan es de como el ejercito usaba estos tanques para protejerse y moverse por el campo de batalla montándose sobre el. Este ejercito se va a convertir en uno de mis favoritos.

Most properly known as the Iosef Stalin 2 tank (IS-2) it is also widely known as the anglicised Joseph Stalin 2 (JS-2) heavy tank.

Making it’s combat debut early in 1944, the IS-2 was designed predominantly as a heavy tank capable of breaking through enemy lines, able to withstand the potent German anti-tank weaponry and with a 122mm gun able to defeat the likes of the German Panther and Tiger tanks.

IS-2s were assigned to independent heavy tank regiment. Used the reinforce the most vital areas of the Soviet attack they would support the infantry during assaults, destroying fortifications, crew-served weapons, etc with their devastating high explosive shells. Once the breakthrough had been achieved, lighter Soviet tank would rush through to exploit the breach and cause havod in the enemy lines.

Our new IS-2 is the later variant with sloped instead of stepped glacis plate. Known as the 1944 model IS-2, this heavy tank led the way into the shattered remains of Berlin during the last days of Hitler’s Third Reich…

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One of the enduring images of the Soviet army in WWII is their tanks speeding along covered in Soviet soldiers. These tank riders offered valuable protection from enemy infantry in a truly symbiotic relationship.

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