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El kickstarter va vieno en popa, ya va por su decima actualización y para la siguiente meta ya se ha visto el diseño de Uni, uno de los personajes que se echaba de menos. Solo me queda mirar con mas atención cuales son de tipo uno o dos. ¿quien se anima a participar?

Thank you backers! In a great run of pledges last night, the 3 Horde monsters are now unlocked. Orc, Goblin and Bullywog are all available now to add to your reward. Each one is a TYPE I figurine. You can add as many of each one as you want for $5 each and remember that you get any TYPE I figurine for free for each 4 TYPE I Add-ons (of any type) that you'd added to your reward.

Up next ... at $17500 we'll unlock 3 more figurines. This time we'll be unlocking figurines that could be allies ... but could be enemies. The Unicorn (ah so cute ... seen Cabin in the Woods?), the Panther (petting this kitty might cost you) and the Dusk Elf Assassin (probably a great ally as long as you are not on his list).

For those who have asked about when the next TYPE II figure is coming. Starting at Stretch Goal #9 we will do a TYPE II figurine and then every other Stretch Goal will be TYPE II at least through #19.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us to get the word out. Social media makes KickStarter really work and we appreciate to everyone who has helped us reach the success we've had so far. We have at least 19 more figurines already planned out after Stretch Goal #6 so we have a lot more plans and cannot wait to bring them to you.

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