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El Kickstarter de Impact Miniatures va aumentando día a día. Han conseguido ya varias cosas entre ellas, el set de Ponies/ Unicornio / Pegaso/ etc..., personajes  caballeros de la muerte, monstruos de los   mitos de Cthulhu, y algunas cosas más.


We had a LOT of requests from backers for a higher level reward level that was just pure miniatures ... no T-shirts, dice or Dungeon Tiles.

We originally said okay and set up the OVERLORD level. But then we received messages ... "NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Please sir can we have some more?"

Chris and I had a meeting this morning and agreed to make a better level to meet this request from our backers.

Now a dungeon with that many monsters running around it, what are you going to need to keep them in line and not running amok? A Boss Monster ... that's what you need! So Impact! gives you the BOSS MONSTER level for your pledging convenience!

BOSS MONSTER LEVEL: Any 40 TYPE I figures of your choice (original 6 or any unlocked Stretch Goal TYPE I (duplicates allowed)) and one of EVERY unlocked TYPE II Stretch Goal figurines during the entire KickStarter. Add $3 for International Shipping.

NOTE: And yes for a $300 pledge you could can add-on the QUESTING HERO package which would give you a current total of 74 TYPE I and 3 TYPE II for that $300.

Disclaimer to the above ... the QUESTING HERO package still does not allow any substitutions (so those 35 are still locked as a package).

We have many more things planned ... Chris just announced in the comments section that he has Cthulhu figures planned for Stretch Goals #12 and #13 so come on folks ... let's knock down these next 2 stretch goals and work on getting some serious evil into the mix.


We've had a lot of requests to make variants of our Unicorn and we now have the designed finished for many different pony variants.
Pony Pack Add-on

The Pony Pack can be added to any reward level for $30 (and you can add-on more than one set if you want to any reward). The set includes 3 Unicorns, 3 Ponys and 2 Pony Accessory #1 sets (each set has a pair of wings with chest banner and 4 fire hooves). For those that just wanted the Unicorn D6, you can add that to any reward for $3.

We also have a Pony Pack reward level which will get you this Add-on as your main reward.

The Pony Pack means you can create any of the following 8 ponys: Pony, Unicorn, Alicorn, Pegasus, Nightmare, Horned Nightmare, Winged Nightmare, Nightmare Alicorn.

If you need additional Unicorns, Ponys or Pony Accessory #1 Sets they are $5 each (and also qualify for the buy 4, get 1 free offer) (so you could get 5 additional items for $20).

If you'd like to see a larger image ... click here:

Just as we were finishing this offer, we were hit with many new requests for more Accessories. So we are working on creating Bat Wings, Wings of Flame, Flaming Tail, Tail of Tentacles and Mouth Tentacles as possible other accessories. We'll let you know if we find we've been able to create them as well!


Our KickStarter now welcomes a small herd of Bronies and we thank them for helping boost this KickStarter to reach 3 Stretch Goals over the last 3 days!
Stretch Goal #10

We unlocked these four TYPE I figures to be added for free to the CHAMPION, KINGMAKER, SUMMONER and LEGEND levels. (One Eyed Monster, Mummy, Dwarf and Lich). They can each be added to any other reward level for $5 each.
Stretch Goal #11

Stretch Goal #11 was then unlocked which brings to you a 60mm TYPE II Nightmare. This is one seriously kick-butt Horse and would go great with the Pony Pack as a leader, enemy or boss.
Stretch Goal #12

And then if 2 Stretch Goals was not enough we unlocked #12 as well which added two more TYPE I figurines to the KickStarter of the Cthulhu variety to add some tentacles to your dungeon! Available to everyone now for $5 each to any reward level. The first is the avatar of a powerful Old One...Yog Sothoth. Yog knows all and sees all. A tentacled beastie with many eyes sure to cause you to lose your sanity. The second is a devoted cultist of The Great Old One; capable of destroying your mind with ease.

But wait ... after those 7 figures ... we STILL have more that have been added. We set up our SUMMONER level so that backers could create their own custom figurines to add to the KickStarter. We have the concept art approved for all 4 of our current Summoners and you can now add any of these TYPE I figurines to any reward level for $5. We have a Fire Mage merged with a Fire Elemental, a Death Knight, a Praying Cleric and a Halfling Thief. All great figurines and we thank our Summoners for adding them to the KickStarter!

So what is up next?

We could not allow two small tentacles beasts visit your dungeon without also inviting the big 60mm TYPE II elder being himself!

Cthulhu Fhtagn! In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. We're waking him up and bringing him to you! This Type II miniature will be available once we hit $35,000. Combined with the figures from Stretch Goal #12, you can add some horror to your dungeon crawl.

Our Kickstarter is now up to having 34 figurines available and we still have 16 days to go and many more ideas left to unlock.

So with so many new ideas ... let your friends know about our KickStarter so we can keep unlocking these goals and continue to make this KickStarter $100+ have more and more free items in them as we keep breaking the stretch goals!

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