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Hola a todos! Ha sido una verdadera sorpresa encontrarme en el Facebook la inauguración del Kickstarter: Morgraur-Rashaar creado por Vesper-on Games creadores del increíble juego de miniaturas Carnevale.

Este Kickstarter está siendo patrocinado por Indiegogo y podrán acceder a el desde este link!

Les dejamos la reseña de este Kick y desde FYDTV les invitamos a participar!

Carnevale is skirmish miniature game set in a fantasy version of XVIII century Venice. We are a tiny and passionate company that launched this game one year ago, and we've been working really hard to keep producing some of the best and most original miniatures of the maket, and pursuing our goal of putting out something new in the world of toy soldiers. Also our game was nominated as Best miniature rules of the year in the Origins Awards 2012. You can download the rules for free at

We are trying to raise some funds to help us produce our biggest and most spectacular model so far. We detail the reasons for us to ask for your help at the bottom of this page, but we belive that we should show you the project that we're trying to Crowdfund right here and now:

Pretty cool, right?. In our game you reenact adventures in the dangeous streets of a Venice completely transformed by magic. You can take part in a cinematic game, that will create for you the closest experience to a Role Playing game you can get playing a miniature game. There are four factions in Carnevale: The Patricians – decadent figures of power that simply enjoy the trills of murder and mayhem, The Doctors of the Ospedale – twisted scientists that have discovered the way to channel the power of the magic that pours into the world through the manipulation and torture of the insane, and The Guild – the common folk of the city of Venice had to fall into the “protection” of the Guild of Thieves to gather the necessary force to face all the threats that haunt them and make it another day.

The last of the original factions of the game is the Rashaar, the scions of Dagon itself finally dare to walk the earth in plain sight. Directly inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Deep Ones, our particular fishmen have been lurking the streets and canals of Venice, fastly becoming one of the most popular squads of Carnevale. But as they usually say, there's always a bigger fish...

The Morgraur Rashaar

The Morgraur-Rashaar is a being that dwells below the city of Venice and spends most of the time sleeping. No one knows how long it has been there. Some suspect it got here long before the first Magi-Rashaar. It is even possible that the city was created around him inadvertently, mistaking his great bulk for a huge rock on the muddy bottom of the lagoon. It is a creature of a colossal size, with a viscous scaly skin and the back full of rocks, scabs and coral. The very sight of this monstrosity would freeze the blood of the bravest hero.

Given the longevity of the Rashaar, it is probable that a long time ago the Morgraur-Rashaar was an Ugdru-Rashaar that survived by cannibalizing its own kin, becoming a Radru-Rashaar and much beyond. The Morgraur-Rashaar has been in lethargy for hundreds of years, waking occasionally to feed itself, diving into the open sea in search of prey big enough to satisfy his hunger.

The Magi-Rashaar seldom manage to summon it as it only responds to praise or promises of great slaughter. But when the Morgraur-Rashaar is set in motion, the foundations of the city tremble. It’s hard to be discreet when a creature the size of two elephants unleashes its fury in a city like Venice, but it’s surprising to see how it can jump and slip away through the narrowest of streets. However, its great size is its weak point, since it’s an easy target and most of the enemy forces will focus on its bulk. Its tactic of escaping by water when things get ugly has never failed.

Seeing this creature in combat is a terrifying sight, throwing its claws, its jaws and whipping its tail around in all directions with deadly precision. Moreover, it possesses such devastating strength that its blows can cut through the best armors created by men. It also has a special attack that usually catches his opponents unaware: the Morgraur-Rashaar has corrosive saliva, which can easily cut through leather or metal. When it spits, it leaves its enemies out of action so that it can devour them later.
So... What do we need?

We're trying to raise a small quantity. These 3,000 dollars will help us to front the production costs of this bad boy. We've already paid the concept, the amazing sculpture work of Adrián Taboada and the painting of the model, but beign a small company like ours the process of producing a huge model like this can be a tough task to accomplish. We're trying to summon a little help from our friends to make it happen on time for this Christmas.

The model is being painted at this very moment because we just received the first prototipes last week (painted pictures as soon as possible!). As you can see in the video and pictures, the model has an extraordinary level of detail and is way bigger than any other model in our range. Only the base is a pizza sized 10 cm of radious... can you imagine this monstrosity in your gaming table? But even if your not interested in the gaming side of Carnevale, painting this resin kit is a real joy for any brush aficionado. The dynamic pose of the beast, tearing away the tiles of the Venetian ground while making a hard U-turn towards a new enemy, makes this spectacular figure create a vignette full of dramatic action.

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