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Alien Dungeo ha publicado en su Face Book una entrada de su blog sobre una banda de 786 puntos de Creeps además dan algunos consejos de como pintar algunos efectos. Todas la gama de miniaturas inicial de Fanticide son geniales aun que me encantan los centauros y los Creeps.

This Creep Warband is very typical of all Creep warbands roaming about most parts of Nowhere, above and below. I chose to take plenty of Clubbers (3 units), a unit of five Crushers, and three stands of Creepy Crawlies (Peeves). I had to, and was quite eager to take a Creepy Mother. Unlike other warbands, she is the only command choice I can take as there is no Master level in the Creep list. While she is very powerful, losing her will essentially cost me any games I play.

Three Units of Clubbers should give me something to screen her from most charges and missile attacks from Shootist. As she buds more Creepy Crawlies each turn, the Peeve unit will keep growing “replacements” and that should provide a strong screen too. There isn’t a lot of subtlety to a Creep Warband. Attack, attack, attack and then when your enemy is smashed, eat their skins. Just my sort of thing!

Legend- Creepy Mother

Models Give Take Soul Agility Spirit Sanity
Creepy Mother 1 6 5 5 5 3+ 2+
Creepy Crawlies 4 2 1 2 5 7+ 5+

The Creepy Mother may not have Artifacts.

Special Abilities:

Budding Creeps, Vice of Darkdwelling, Vice of Hunger. The Creepy Mother has a Virtue of Command of 3.


The Creepy Mother Knows the Dark Haven and Fetid Breath Spells. This Creepy Mother also has Firestorm, Terrify, and Soul Drain spells. I shall terrify my enemies, burn their bodies, and drain the soul of any survivors.

Just a Creepy Mother feeding her brood of course…

I only modeled four stands of Creepy Crawlies to accompany her and I’m betting I will need to do more in the future.

Points: 115 plus 60 points of Creepy Crawlies for a Total of: 460 pts.

Creep Thumpers

I have three Creep Thumper Squads. These are “me boys” and this hungry brood forms the core of my warband. To help me keep track of them, I used a different colored mushroom on each bas: Red, blue, and plain. You could also use back markings or even number the bases if you wish. I like my mushrooms. You tell at a glance who’s who and I find them unobtrusive. To keep things simple, I did 10 models for each squad. You can take up to 12 per squad, but I wanted to save some points to add to my Crushers.

Red and Blue mushrooms on the base help me tell the Clubber Units apart

To add variety to my units I did some simple conversion by moving a few arms around with pliers. I glued the various separate tongues in, making sure to leave some with no tongues showing. In addition, I added a few of the 18mm little Creeps (that come in the Peeve sets) here and there:

The “Boys in Blue”
Models Give Take Soul Agility Spirit Sanity
Blue Creep Thumpers 10 3 2 1 5 7+ 5+

Special Abilities:

Vice of Darkdwelling, Vice of Hunger, Dark Spawn.

Points: 10 x 7 for a total of 70 points.

The “Boys in Red”
Models Give Take Soul Agility Spirit Sanity
Red Creep Thumper 10 3 2 1 5 7+ 5+

Special Abilities:

Vice of Darkdwelling, Vice of Hunger, Dark Spawn.

Points: 10 x 7 for a total of 70 points.

Just Plain old Creeps. The very essence of Creepdom. Pure Creep. Simple Creep….
Models Give Take Soul Agility Spirit Sanity
Plain Creep Thumpers 10 3 2 1 5 7+ 5+

Special Abilities:

Vice of Darkdwelling, Vice of Hunger, Dark Spawn.

Points: 10 x 7 for a total of 70 points.

So the total points value for all three of my Creep Thumper squads (30 models) is: 210 points.

Creep Crushers

The Big Boys I should be able to use to Crush my enemies be they Centaurs, Tree hugging Fae, or Smelly noisy monkeys.

I was really excited to get my Crushers done. These models are big at 40mm and fun to paint. I did only one modification, the one with the little Creeps for this Unit.

These Crushers give the Creep Warband some much needed “punch” against harder opponents.

This Creep Crusher was given a few little helpers…
Models Give Take Soul Agility Spirit Sanity
Creep Crushers 5 4 3 2 5 7+ 5+

Special Abilities:

Vice of Darkdwelling, Vice of Hunger, Dark Spawn.

Points: The points value of my Creep Crusher Squad is (5models): 80 points.

Creepy Crawlies

To finish things off and give my opponent something to trip over, I took a small unit of Creepy Crawlies. You can have up to 10 but I chose three.

Models Give Take Soul Agility Spirit Sanity
Creepy Crawlies 3 2 1 2 5 7+ 5+

Special Abilities:

Vice of Darkdwelling, Vice of Hunger, Dark Spawn.

Points: The point’s value of my Creep Crusher Squad is (3 stands): 36 points.

Right So why 786 Points?

Well, I just grabbed models and started painting really, but I went a little over the typical 750 points to give me a little flexibility. Against hard hitting but smaller armies like the Liberi, I will go to 750 points by reducing my clubber units and deploying all my crushers. Against Monkeys with lots of models, I’ll cut one or two Crushers and bolster my Thumper units. In the end, it will only be after a few months play and more than likely adding some additional models that I will get the true feel of what will be the “perfect” Creep Warband for me. I still have to add some Fungal Crawlers too!

Some more on painting and modeling

You can paint your Creeps anyway you want really. I chose the classic “albino” Creep army used throughout the rule book. This is the way the majority of Creeps appear. The basic scheme is simple enough. Remember, in Fnaticide we are most interested in getting nice looking armies painted quickly and are not out to win any trophies, Golden or other colors. It’s about getting our “game on”. Like the models, we think simple and effective is better for this. All of my Creeps were painted the same basic way:
Assemble and primer WHITE.
Paint them almost all over with Vallejo Sunny Flesh.
Give ‘em a good coat of Secret Weapon Flesh Wash.
Dry brush them with Sunny Flesh.
Dry Brush them more lightly with Sunny Flesh + half White
Give ‘em a wash of Secret Weapon Cotton Candy with about a ¼ water added to thin it down a bit.
Paint the mouths dark red. Paint the back of the throat black. Pain the teeth white. Highlight the interior of the mouth with bright red.
I painted the wood clubs Vallejo Flat Brown Hi then highlighted them with Biege Brown. A final light dry brush of grey was added. I then painted the raw barkless wood bits with Vallejo tan. The bones were done in Ivory, Flesh Wash, and then highlighted with more Ivory with a little white added.
Eyes, The focal point of Creeps, were done like this:


I like the thin Renedra bases that come with the models. I use the same basing technique foe everything. I glue the models to the bases and add a fillet of super glue to smooth the transition of the metal base on the model to the plastic base. I then paint the model. I paint the base last. I give it one coat, including the edges and let it dry. Then a put a second coat on being careful not to get it on the edges. While that is still wet, I dip in the flock of my choice. In this case I used just plain old dry dirt. I let all that dry. The paint holds most of the dirt in place. I then add mushrooms (from the Fanticide range- available separately and some come with your models) that I have already painted by drilling a small hole in the base and then gluing the mushroom on. For these Creeps I added a few bits of broken cork here and there. When everything is dry, I use a pipette to gently apply Woodland Scenics Scenic cement. This bonds all the basing materials together. While this milk white stuff is wet (it dries flat and clear) , add some flock of your choice. I find this method very fast, very easy, and very durable for “gaming models”. A final coat of Testor’s Dull Coat seals everything together. DON’T DO THIS IF YOU HAVE ALREADY “GLOSSED” YOUR EYES!

“Flocking” a Creep

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