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Faltan 25 días para que acabe el Kickstarer de Troll Forged Miniatures y casi ya han conseguido su primera meta. Aquí os traemos las primeras cinco actualizaciones con más fotos, y un vídeo  Recordad que podéis ver la galería completa de esta empresa en nuestra página de Facebook en este FyD enlace.


More shots of Garage kits:


So people are not confused here the current grub worm were sculpted well over a year ago but I am doing a new improved design from the concept work on the front. I'm posting shots of the old ones and a link to show they can be cast etc. People were amazed I could cast the heads etc.


The scale will be different as well, the grub worms here will be 28-30mm tall and the larger ones will be called the Alien Wyrm as in the current list and be approximately 50mm tall. These are right after the queen in the list of stretch goals. Further down the line will be the King Grub which will be massive in the 120mm size range and much more bone and tendon added to them.

The idea is to relaunch from a squishy little worm to some nasty looking alien with structure that grow, mutate the hosts or in some cases grow to massive sizes. I am so excited about sculpting these because the items on the page are so old these will be a huge jump in improvement. They are going to fill a large range of roles for many customers as well with the different sizes and options.


This gives you an idea how I'm working this system out with Des Hanley. Here is a concept drawing of the Alien Wyrm I did tonight. I send out these concepts and he works them up for me to sculpt from. This is the new design which will appear much better once sculpted but helps give me an idea where to start. A 10min sketch and it's enough to send Des or I can begin to work.

I also added the current Alien Wyrm which is a couple years old I will revise for all of you and make a trollcast item at $20 a kit. The image shown is a resin cast in 7 parts. I just want you to all be slightly more involved in how I do this as the tutorial section is something I'd love to share with people if any interest is shown. I thought this might show a little look into my process here. The name Hive Trygon is my old name from years back on many forums before I started Troll Forged Miniatures in 2009.

Anyway I'd love to reach this goal and resculpt this beast in my new system. The sculpt would also improve a lot with my new ability and a few tricks I've picked up over the last couple years. Hope this helps a little. It shows just how much work Des does to develop the product and saves me a lot of time so I can jump right in and begin sculpting which is my favorite part.


I wanted you to see the options of the round lip that are also going to be in this for you. I'm not set in stone and would rather everyone pick what they want than force a style of base so these are also options. If we fund I'll get Brian working on other sizes as well and in time offer the option to replace your slotta bases for the trollcast brand for a additional pledge value. If we do real well I may just upgrade a few of you for free.

I also see the tutorial is coming around and wanted to share a metal production mold so you can see where we will go from the sculpt to a final metal cast. I think it's a great way for people to learn and I'm not sure this is the right place of interest but get a lot of questions about my molding.

Also are some resin masters of a Red Box Game miniature by Tre Manor so you can see how I make some of the best resin masters and RTV molds around. A lot of people wonder how I can mold with no mold lines etc., I'll share some of these things in the tutorial. Just a few shots for all of you, thanks again.


This for you to see the things I'll be including with in the video. I think everyone will enjoy this even if it's not a lot of information. This is something I do to all RTV master molds which makes the castings better quality when under pressure. This also allows your RTV to pour almost air bubble free, it's also fun to watch.

Warning when I say cover your ears or mute video, mute it. The machine gets loud.

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