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Troll Forged Miniatures ha lanzado un Kickstarter donde poder hacerse con una hueste de cuerpos deformados e infectados por bichos xenos. La estética recuerda mucho al Dead Space o incluso usarse como miniaturas adoradoras de Nurgle.

Aún le faltan 25 días y seguramente habrán muchas más miniaturas que verán la luz durante este Kickstarter. Además podéis visitar el álbum de Troll Forged Miniatures en nuestra página de Facebook en este FyD enlace.

The main factor driving this project is my lack of time for sculpting due to the success of Trollcast. While the new process is fantastic I have found most of my time is now used on production for other companies. My passion has always been sculpting and this Kickstarter is designed to allow me the time set aside for my own sculpting and create for the first time a full core force for Troll Forged Miniatures.

To get started I broke this force into several main creatures and have several more in the works. Being the owner and the production operator is going to allow me to bring you some fantastic value as well as product for your support. The other large advantage here is that these would be the first product designed specifically for my new Trollcast system. This means superior product for the value, lets look at a few items.

The Grub worm have been sculpted but I wish to revisit them and improve their quality while also retooling them in trollcast. A few examples can be seen here:

Grub Worm

Resin Cast of current Worm Grub:

Current product. These will get an upgrade in detail to match the concept art. Slight variations may be made for casting purposes.

Here Is the new design for the worm grubs by Des Hanley:

New Worm Grub design.

The worm grub are nasty creatures that enter a host capable of altering and building with the creatures DNA as well as using it's own body to twist the creature into a Host form and finally a swarm adult, hound, or other mutation.

The Hosts then become a combination of worm and "host" creature while the grub feeds from the host or uses it's new body to feed with. Below is the garage kit to show off the mutating grub.

Host of worm grub

Grub host garage kit.

Host concept work by Des Hanley for 28mm miniatures

The Swarm Adults are fully grown grub that are now functional and fully grown. They use a blind sight which forms during the host phase. These creatures tend to change during their growth cycle to perform certain tasks. The species in general uses less food as they become adults and their main goal is impregnation of queen grub. Below a shot of the garage kit followed by the concept art for the 28mm miniatures.

Swarm Adult Garage kit.

Swarm Adult form 1 concept art by Des Hanley. The 28mm artwork.

Swarm Adult 2, again by Des Hanley. 28mm artwork.

The alien grubs have the ability to build and absorb what is needed from hosts to create many types of specialized creatures, some of these will become options as the stretch goals over the Kickstarter.

Base series: I'd also like to introduce our new series of bases during this Kickstarter, below are several painted bases which will be lower level pledge ranges. These are cast in Trollcast and created by one of the team members from Troll Forged Miniatures. Bases are supplied unpainted.

Troll cast bases

Sculpting tutorial from scratch building the armature to the final product. I'll cover several phases of the system sculpting a miniature from scratch and even cover basic mold systems for polymer clay sculpts. This will show the conversion from clay to resin then full on metal production.

Example of polymer clay work and mixture of green stuff for tutorial.

I will also share some of my special techniques to create skin textures and other forms of details using polymer clay mixes. I also have several mixes for polyclay sculpting.

This image shows one of the figures I have done a short tutorial for already on u-tube. Follow the link below and see how I sculpted his hands etc.

This link will take you to a few sculpting tutorials and other videos of materials I have been playing with:


Stretch Goal #1 12,000:

If this level is reached I'll post concept art for the hound miniature also the 3rd garage kit figure. At this level all pledges will be able to add a hound to their Kickstarter for $4 while the Swarm level will get a free hound and the queen level 3 hounds for free. All other pledge levels will be allowed to add Grub Worms for $2 per miniature. Hosts can be added at $5. The bases have been so popular I will let you add the same pledge level for the bases to your total for another set. This will mean people buying bases can pick up a mini or two pledging extra OR those picking up the minis can grab some bases for them. Please note these goals will stack!

Stretch Goal #2 18,000:

This stretch goal will add the addition of the sky hunter for $8 per miniature. This will be a large flying creature and again I'll post the concept art as we close on this goal. Also at this goal Host level pledges will get a hound free along with adding 5 additional grub to swarm levels. Queen Levels will get a free flyer and also 2 more hounds. All other pledge levels will now add a Host miniature for $2 per miniature and a swarm adult for $3.

Stretch Goal #3 25,000:

The addition of a Queen is possible for $15 at all levels. Host level pledges will have an additional 3 hosts added to their level while swarm levels will get the bonus of a free flyer. The Queen level pledges will get a free queen at this goal. The Queen will be a large sculpt 54mm tall and around 80mm long. All other pledge levels can add a hound at $3 and a flyer at $6.

Stretch Goal #4 $32,000:

The Alien Wyrm will be an option at $20 a kit. This monster will be able to replace a lot of creatures for people in their games and sand at a massive 4-5 inches tall. Host level pledges will now get a free flyer while swarm levels get a free Queen. The Queen level pledge will get a free Wyrm.

Further Stretch Goals:

I have more goals and creatures planned as we go through this Kickstarter, lets field the entire series of core alien together. In time if we breach the Queen I'll also add the alien invasion defenders. These will be sculpted shortly by another artist Ian Mountain and I'll develop more of the range as well as more concept art as we build the sets together.

Review of main Pledge levels:

Grub Level 1: 1 worm grub $5

Grub Level 2: 5 alien grub worms $15

Collector: 1 of each grub worm (3 variations of heads so 3 worm), 1 host, and 1 adult swarm. $25

Grub Level 3: 8 alien grub worms, and 3 swarm adults $30

Host Level: 10 alien grub worms, 5 swarm adults, and 3 Hosts $50

Swarm Level: 20 alien grub worms, 10 adult swarm miniatures and 10 adult hosts. $110

Queen Level: 40 alien grub, 10 swarm warriors, 12 adult swarm, and 15 hosts. $200

Stretch goals add additional free items which stack on the previous goals as well. If we reach into the higher goals I will unlock options for more free items as well as options for upgrading your armies with bases for free as well. Being the owner of the production process I can offer more items the further we move up the ladder thanks to all of you and I hope this alien series is enjoyed..

RISKS AND CHALLENGESLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

The main risk of this project is me getting sculpting time. If I fund the alien sets I will be able to accomplish this task. I will inquire other artists help if the Kickstarter breaks beyond the other planned stretch goals.

The second reason for this kickstarter is the fact my sculpting in batches here or there creates a gap between quality. Each sculpt improves and when I jump from figure to figure the designs begin to show this. I will be able to sit back and fill these all in a comfortable series with little breaks and thus unified miniatures.

Production of the 28mm system has been designed by me and is currently in use for Red Box Games and many other companies out there on the market. These miniatures will be sculpted in the most professional manner and designed to use my system to it's fullest potential.

You may have noticed a delay in delivery of the garage kits vs the Trollcast materials. This is due to the size and restrictions using more traditional mold making processes and thus slower production.

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