miércoles, octubre 31, 2012


El Indiegogo de Morgraur-Rashaar ha finalizado. Desde Forja y Desván felicitamos a Vesper-on Games por conseguri su objetivo y más. Con una recaudación de 9857 $, un 329 % de la cantidad inicial, se van a poder producir y publicar antes muchas más miniaturas. Entre ellas a Baba-Yaga, Priest of the cult of Dagon, Oficiant of the Cult of Dagon, White Collar Thief y la Maid.

Thank you guys,
Thank you very much for all this incredible support. We’ve managed to produce the Morgraur-Rashaar, and much, much more. All of this thanks to you.
Every one of you will receive an e-mail from us before the end of the week to confirm all the relevant information. If you haven’t heard from us by next sunday, please drop us an e-mail to info@vesper-on.com and give us a shout.
Other than that… Thank you, thank you, thank you :

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