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AoT 3rd Viridian MBT concept
 En el Facebook de Age of Tyrants nos desvelan más información del juego como que se activarán unidades dependiedo de sus estadisticas de liderazgo para realizar una orden combinada, como por ejemplo asaltar un posicón enemiga o suprimir un area, y el enemigo puede responder a las ordenes ofensivas con sus propios contra ataques, permitiendo que los combates se desarollen. Además la cantidad de ordenes y acciones que se puedan realizar depende de si es es dada por un sargento o un capitán.

Además han compartido una imagen del AoT 3rd Viridian MBT que se parece a un tanque francés Char B con algunos detalles adicionales y algo más redondeado.

Hey all, just a word on the game design. We're attempting something a bit new with it in terms gameplay. So, Age of Tyrants is based on a core concept of combined arms warfare. This means you'll activate a number of units (based on a leadership stat) to perform a combined order, for example assault an enemy position or suppress an area, and your opponent can respond to offensive orders with their their own counter attacks, allowing fights to develop. What can be activated to carry out the order is dependent on the rank of the unit issuing the order, so sergeants can only use bases from their squad, captains can issue orders to any bases from within the same company, and battlefield HQs can issue orders to any base on the battlefield. So as you can see we've got a chain of command mechanic, and we can do battles of varying scale, from squad to squad skirmishes up to full, company level engagements

This is the 3rd concept for the Viridian MBT; after the initial phase of getting a rough down of a AoT tanks- massive with tonnes of guns, loads of turrets and plenty of hatches and copulas- we settled down a bit to start to realise what Viridian tanks would look like.
Since the trooper concepts had already been visualised through Urban War we took the rounded look of their armour and transposed in onto our basic concept in combination with references to WWI & II tanks, in particular the French Char B, oh and a wee bit of imagination ;)

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