viernes, octubre 26, 2012


Warlord Games, ha publicado a través de su Facebook, los Jeeps franceses. Me sorprende siempre cuando veo estos vehículos los ajustados que son de tamaño, me atrevería decir que son una monada jeje. Pues nos traen una variedad bastante grande del mismo vehículo equipado de distinta forma.

Our SAS Jeeps now come with French SAS Brigade heads. Sporting berets worn in the French fashion these tough men are taking the fight back to Jerry with extreme prejudice!

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Dropped from Short Stirling bombers which had been converted to ferry paratroopers to their jump zones, 800 men of the Free French SAS landed behind enemy lines just before midnight on 5th June 1944.

These brave Frenchmen were tasked to link up with the French resistance to stop reinforcing the Allies’ Normandy beach head. By means of blowing fuel and ammunitions dumps, cutting lines of communications and sabotaging rail and road networks, they prevent nine out of 10 German armoured divisions from stemming the tide of Allied troops pouring ashore.

The battalion was to later be sent to help the American forces to cause disruption and chaos where needed and were involved in the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium.

These two resin and metal Jeeps come with new heads depicting the Free French style of wearing their berets to the other side to British troops.

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