viernes, octubre 26, 2012


Warlord Games anuncia a través de su Facebook que los antiaéreo reciben un nuevo modelo de cuatro cañones. El modelo esta muy chulo y es un complemento ideal para nuestra pelotón de Bolt Action.

Our ever-popular Fallschirmjager range receives support this week as we release the qua-barrelled 2cm Flakvierling anti-aircraft gun with German Paratrooper crew! These really make a mess of ground targets in games of Bolt Action as well as seeing off those lethal airstrikes…

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Effectively four 2cm Flak 38 anti-aircraft guns on one single carriage, the Flakvierling could lay down around 1400-1800 rounds per minute.

Normally towed on it’s trailer behind the likes of the Opel Blitz truck, Sd.Kfz 251 halftracks or halftracked prime movers, the Flakvierling was the Axis equivalent to the US M16 MGMC. The Flakvierling was also put to good use on mobile platforms such as the Sd.Kfz 7 where, on a converted chassis, it would become the Sd.Kfz 7/1 (currently being fitted for the flak gun!). It would also be found atop converted Panzer IV hulls as the Möbelwagen and Wirbelwind.

The Flakvierling was put to good use in static positions and on armoured trains. The Kriegsmarine fitted the quad AA guns to their U-Boats and ships as short-range anti-aircraft defence as well as around harbours, ports and other key naval installations.

This great new model comes with three German Fallschirmjäger crew – each with separate Figure Heads. We’ve also included the towing trailer as it would be rare to see a Flakvierling without it’s means of transport. Not only will this lethal flak gun keep the skies over the battlefield free of marauding Jabos they will also make a mess of enemy targets on the ground!

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