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Mierce Miniatures nos trae una actualización bastante jugosa con sus últimas novedades y los próximos lanzamientos de Octubre.


The human war-hosts of the Eye in the Ice are comprised, so it is said by those that oppose them, of cruel and depraved murderers, killers and slaughterers of wives and babies with little sympathy nor mercy for their fellow men, but none are as callous or as brutal as Tundaar. His murderous legend - grown through many winters of butchery and malefaction amongst the armies that assault the weakling kingdoms to the south and the east - has become self-fulfilling, a driver in itself to ever-greater heights of cruelty and barbarity in pursuit of the infamy that the title of Skull-Bearer brings, an infamy matched only by the strength that Baalor himself gives him. Few amongst the warriors of Baalor care much for his company but his reputation brings its own reward, for they and the myriad degenerate races of the Eye flock to his standard in uncountable numbers, assured of fame and glory - and perhaps, more importantly, greater strength and riches - by simple association and the chance to revel in the excesses that Tundaar promises: an association that even those warriors reckoned above Tundaar's primacy crave.

BÁINTAAC, VICIOUS TORACX 16.86 € ~ 21.58 $

The immense boars known as Toracx by the Fomoraic are rightly prized by their bestial kin, the Gabrax, as ideal beasts of war: solid and implacable, ferocious and strong, so much so that these beasts are almost always found amongst their warhosts. The more docile Toracx (for there are many kinds, some smaller, some larger, that are called such) are used as beasts of burden for menial and back-breaking tasks, and in times of need they can even provide sustenance for the hungry mouths of the Gabrax. Báintaac is a particularly vicious example, as notorious to the Gabrax as to their enemies for its wild temperament and brutal tusks and - as they have found to their cost on occasion - is almost impossible to control. Kept in a rudimentary cage and driven to a frenzy before battle lines are drawn like many other Toracx of the warbands, it is unleashed upon the enemy to wreak havoc as it will: for once unleashed, it will not stop until its fury and often its hunger is sated.



Mazikílías is as powerful an ally of Ophius' as no other creature of Khthon. A Vasilísk of immense size and implacable will, a living, breathing battering ram of muscle, bone and iron-hard skin, where Mazikílías appears enemies scatter; and whilst it is true that their weapons are immeasurably powerful and their capabilities are unearthly, even the Atalantes quail at his appearance, for when his gaze is unleashed it can petrify any living thing before him regardless of size or strength. A stone-maker, a stone-killer Mazikílías may be, but that is not to say he has little else to offer for his glittering intelligence is as great an ally to Ophius as his gaze, and when he brings his kin to battle with him it is almost impossible to stop them. For the Lískes, only the Colossi do not flinch in their presence, but even they cannot avoid the lumbering power of the Vasilísk and the Lískar alone.

Novedades para el 10 de Octubre:


The man-beasts of Baalor are as diverse and aberrant as the Fomor themselves, at least to human eyes. Joinings of man and boar, goat, horse, bull - and indeed a myriad of other beasts that roam throughout the north - are commonly brought to battle in Baalor's name, for they are wild and strong and fear little, but there are lesser-seen beasts of war within the Destroyer's armies of even greater infamy than those, beasts such as the Srónax, the horned ones of icy Thule. Despite their limited numbers, the Srónax - abhorrent melds of man and rhinoceros with a nature as feral - are enormously powerful warriors with few equals upon the field of battle, and their Tains - of which Órorqaan is Gultain - have even fewer. He is as brutal and as ferocious as only the Srónax can be, an implacable giant of horn and muscle and brutish strength with a vicious reputation even amongst his kindred, a cold slaughterer who brings his host to bear where Baalor's need is greatest, where his enemies are the most powerful; for the Srónax are renowned for their endurance and obduration, and there are not many enemies that can face Órorqaan and his Srónax without a quailing heart.


The Fomoraic have ever needed humans in their ranks so they can better understand their ancient enemy, and humans that readily join them are needed most of all; yet even amongst those are men who are devoted to their masters, men like Kraan, who is already a legend amongst the followers of the Destroyer of the North. Kraan willingly threw in his lot with the Fomoraics long ago, yet none know from where Kraan originates, nor understand his motivation for becoming a warrior of Baalor, but all know of his fearsome courage and his unbreakable will, his malevolent intelligence and his brutal strength, and Kraan's favour with Baalor grows with every skull he places upon his trophy rack, every host he breaks for the Eye in the Ice. With his mount - a ferocious bear from the icy wastes given to him by Baalor himself - Kraan is nothing less than a force of nature, an unstoppable killer of black armour and cold steel, a harbinger of the ice that will cleanse the lands above the water in Baalor's name.


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