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 Hoy escribimos desde Notthingham a punto de irnos a Warhammer World y nos encontramos con esta increible actualización.

Mucho de nosotros hemos crecido con esta increíble serie de animación de la que nunca se llego a producir el ultimo episodio conocido como Requiem, Ya hemos halado en varias ocasiones desde FyD de la serie, del episodio e incluso publicamos el guión completo traducido. En esta ocasión ya ha sido aprobado el Kickstarter de Impact Miniatures del que os hablamos hace menos de una semana. Por 30 dolares como contribución máxima se puede llevar uno una autentica chuchería.

Además estas miniaturas puedne ser utilizadas perfectamente para el Super Dungeon Explorer de Soda Pop Miniatures.

Desde FyD seguiremos atentamente este Kickstarter y os mantendremos al día con el.

The Story

I grew up playing old school role-playing games in the 80's and 90's. I read Tolkien and then found my way into the fantasy RGP worlds. The experiences I had gaming shaped who I am today and I can't get seem to get the imagery of those early RPGs out of my head. It's why I'm such a fan of Otherworld Miniatures (they do classic old school RPG minis). What I wanted to do was parody some of what I loved so much as a youth. As such, this project was born and I hope you like it.
The Miniatures

I wanted to start with six character types that were iconic in my mind. While some of these character classes no longer exist in the RPG worlds. In my early years they were very influential in my love for RPGs. The Thief, Ranger, Cavalier, Magician and Acrobat are all here.

These miniatures will be roughly 23-24mm to eyes and around 28-30mm to the top of their head once completed and will come with a round 20mm plastic base. Further miniatures may be larger if the project hits its funding goals and stretch rewards. We have approximately 24 additional sculpts that we'd like to do to include a Diminutive Mage, Demon Prince, Evil Fighter, Unicorn, etc. We'll have both monsters and player character types. See the first completed sculpt below. Minis will be supplied unpainted and we are looking to have them cast in Trollcast plastic.

We've used the fantastic artwork to create two sets of seven custom six-sided dice (the image is on the 6 face). You can get either set by adding $15 to your pledge. You can also add just one of the dice for $3 or any 2 for $5 by adding that amount to your pledge. If you just want the dice and not the miniatures, we have the Dice Fanatic backer option. We're still working on a different color combination (top right) for the Cavalier so that image may change. Click for larger image.
Rewards and Determining Your Pledge Amount

Each miniature available in this KickStarter will be classified as either TYPE 1 or TYPE 2 to make adding to your order easy. TYPE 1 miniatures will be roughly the same size as the originals (23-24mm to the eye / 28-30mm total height) while TYPE 2 miniatures will be much larger monsters (the first 6 figures and Stretch Goal #1 DM are all TYPE 1 figures. The first TYPE 2 is not available until Stretch Reward #2).

You can add as many TYPE 1 miniatures as you want to any reward for $5 each. Add as many TYPE 2 miniatures as you want to your rewards for $8 each. We have just three backer support levels to allow for maximum flexibility. For example, if you only want three TYPE 1 sculpts, simply back at the ADVENTURER level for $20 ($10 for the first mini, $5 for each of the two TYPE 1 add-ons). If you want all of the original six miniatures plus an extra TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 add-on (say from the 1st two Stretch Goals), you'd pledge $43 at the HERO level ($30 original 6, $5 TYPE 1 and $8 TYPE 2).
Stretch Rewards

We hope to be able to continue adding new miniatures as stretch rewards very quickly. After the first stretch reward we'll add a new miniature every time the total project increases by $2,500 up to 30 total sculpts.

At $7500, we'll unlock Stretch Goal #2 is for our first TYPE 2 miniature. The monster for this goal is a super powerful Demon Prince with rumored but never confirmed ties to the Diminutive Mage.

For a $5 add-on to your pledge, you can add-on the Dimunitive Mage

Can you give us a hint of future stretch goals?

Sure ... here is the next hint:

Time Line

If funded, Andrew (the sculptor, see below) is scheduled to complete the original six miniatures in November. This means that we look to ship these in February. We can add six more miniatures a month to his schedule.
The People Behind the Project

Impact! Miniatures has been in business for over 6 years and our miniatures range is over 250+ individual miniatures. We've also successfuly brought to the Kickstarter community miniatures based projects such Impact City Roller Derby, Urban Achievers, Necronomicon: Cthulhu Mythos, The Apes of Wrath and The Scotlings. You can count on Impact to complete this project. You can find more about us here

Lorraine Schleter is the illustrator. She is an avid gamer and incredibly talented artist. She's done work for Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight and Rio Grande games.

Andrew May is based in the UK and is the sculptor for the project. We worked with Andrew on the Urban Achievers Kickstarter campaign and really appreciate his talents. He has completed sculpts for Impact, Otherworld Miniatures, Fenris Games, and CP Models. You can see his work here
Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The biggest risks are that the sculptor fails to accurately convert the artwork into a representative sculpt in the allotted time. We're a miniatures company, so we have a network of artists and have chosen a sculptor that is excellent and we've worked with on many projects. He completed the test piece for the style and it was spot on and included it in the story for backers to consider. We've delivered on our other Kickstarter projects and we know we will deliver on this one!

We know we have two miniatures projects in process and they are both ahead of schedule. We also have the d14/d18 dice project and that continues to progress on schedule.

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