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A la espera que esta semana actualicen los nuevas recompensas y añadan mas cosas a la pagina del Kickstarter os dejo con las actualizaciones más recientes.


Nothing says loving like a well-tuned plasma gun :)

One more stretch goal down, and the Nova Cannon will now be a plastic kit!


The world’s first 15mm - 1/100 scale, Injected plastic, science fiction model kit for tabletop gaming!

Available at $70K Stretch goal!

$44 $79 $105 pledge levels!

This kit has all the features and details of its big brother, fully poseable, featuring quick swap weapon arms for future releases. This kit comes complete with advanced capacitor coolers and the Excalibur sword option!



This is not the same 15mm scale kit we made in resin, the resin kits were 5.5” tall and fixed pose. These will be 4.5” tall (a true conversion to 15mm scale) and fully poseable just like their big brother. If there is enough interest (backers) I can release all the weapon options you see for the 28mm kits in this scale and in this Kickstarter project!

Iron-Core (the game) is being fast tracked so you will have a game to use both the 15 and 28mm figures in. I would love to see the 15mm scale take off! Iron-Core is a vehicle centric game and 15mm is a better scale for that kind of game, as well as being kinder to the pocket book ;)

If you would like to see all eight factions ranging from gothic to hard sci-fi aesthetics made in plastic model kits, then I ask you to show your support. The more backers we have for the 15mm scale kits, the easier it becomes to justify quickly expanding that range.

Thank you for your help!

Mark Mondragon



Next week, we will put up an on line order calculator for you to plug your orders into. This information will be tied to the same email address you are using on this Kickstarter. Everything you enter will be compiled into a database file. We will use this file to see what you are ordering as an individual and what the trends are for what items you like as a whole. This will help me shape the $125k plus goals to suit your desires.

Some items such as the Stormtrooper command squad are a given, as I want to make sure the trooper are a well-rounded group. I will be place these in at an early level, but many others can be tailored based on your anticipated item pledges. The APC is another I would love to see but it is an expensive kit to produce, so it will need to be higher in the stretch goals to cover the added expense.

I should have some files and or video to put up that will cover the Leviathan Crusader! I know they are working very hard on getting everything just right and have been making some amazing improvements to the engineering of these models… I can’t wait to share that with you.

We have made some great things happen! Many kits models and fun toys will now be available to you and will be available to the gaming world as a whole. That is a big deal! There are perhaps six companies making plastic injection kits for the gaming world and even fewer in our sci-fi niche. Seriously, pat yourselves on the back. You made something happen that is a very rare occurrence, my hat is off to all of you! I am really looking forward to posting up the next set of stretch goals and expanding the selection even further.

Iron-Core the game has been fast tracked! I will be hunting for Graphic artist and a good technical writer to go over everything. Your feedback in the game development group will be crucial. We have a story line and the bones for a great game, with your help and a lot of work from DreamForge-Games, I hope to make an “A” list title to provide you all an imaginative and enjoyable venue, in which to stretch your gaming muscle and put all those new toys to work.

I have seen many new posts around the web as many of you continue to talk about the project and entice others… Keep it up! It is making a big difference! I will continue to do the same. The more backers we have, the more possibilities open up for the next set of goals.

Thank you again, for your support!

Mark Mondragon


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