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Nueva meta superada para este Kickstarter de Mantic Games, se ha desbloqueado un nuevo personaje MVP y para los siguientes niveles bases hexagonales y nuevo personaje MVP. Y aún quedan 29 dias.

And there he is – John Doe is in! Thank you so much!

The alien MVP John Doe has now been added to Jack and Striker! and you can read more about his background on the shiny new DreadBall website here.

This means that at Striker!, you now get all of this!

I wonder what’s behind the locked hexes?

The funding for this Kickstarter has already allowed us to add more players to the box and create several MVPs. You’ll notice that each model comes on a 15mm circular base, as is standard across all Mantic figures. One of the things we wanted to do but was just out of reach was a sprue of clear hard plastic Hex Bases – well, if we pass this next goal, you’ll allow us to tool them!

$140,000 – Hex Bases
We will produce a sprue of 22 Clear Hard Plastic 25mm Hex Bases for DreadBall.

3D Render of a single Hex Base

The Hex bases provide your figures with more stability on the board and are really useful for accurately determining a models facing – after all, a model can’t catch a ball if you’ve accidently left him facing the wrong way (believe me, I know!)

Not only will we be able to produce the sprue of Hex Bases, but we’ll also be able to include a sprue free at Striker! We’ll also make it so you can pick up packs as individual add-ons.

All together now: Hex-citing stuff! (sorry...)

But that’s not all we’ve got for you today…

$155,000 – Number 88
If we pass this goal we will create the Number 88 MVP – read more about him/her/it on the DreadBall Website!

He or she (nobody is quite sure) appeared from nowhere, disappears entirely between matches and never gives interviews. This, of course, only makes the fans want to know about Number 88 even more, and the speculation has reached conspiracy theory proportions about where he/ she comes from and what they actually are. Robots, aliens and vat-bred super soldiers all feature heavily among the tabloid sports channels. Nobody knows for sure.

Number 88 will play for any team so if you help us produce him, we will include him intoJack and Striker! (and don’t forget you’ll get multiples of the rewards in Cheerleader,Showboater and League Sponsor!)

Thanks again for your support - please drop your thoughts in the comments below and please keep spreading the word!

PS - if you run a podcast, blog or forum and would like to interview us, then please get in touch through the messages - we'd love to hear from you!

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  1. El john doe me encanta, solo espero que saquen para warpath a su raza (me recuerda a los profundos tela)

  2. no creo que saquen otra raza por ahora.las 4 que hay no estan asentadas todavia.


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